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30+ Gifts For Quilters That They Will Instantly Love

Looking for the perfect gift for an avid quilter in your life, but struggling because you do not share their same love for crafts? Want to finally get the people you love a more unique gift than another gift certificate to their local fabric shop?

From sewing notions to quilting-themed apparel to beautiful fabric, you do not need to be an expert in the art and craft of quilting to find creative gifts that every quilter will love.

While a handmade gift might not be your forte, you can help your craft-loving friends make their own masterpieces with these fun gifts in every price range: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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Singer M1500 Sewing Machine

It goes without saying that a sewing machine is a wonderful gift for any avid quilter, and why go with anything less than Singer, one of the most reliable brands on the market? While this might be a bit too simple for a seasoned quilter, if your loved one is a newbie looking to gain more experience, this machine has everything they need.

Pocketful of Posies Fabric Jelly Roll

This 100% cotton jelly roll does not only offer forty strips of unique and beautiful fabric, but it also saves time and stress caused by hand-cutting, making it a lifesaver for the avid quilter without a lot of free time on their hands.

48-Needle Knitting Machine

While sewing tools are often touted as must-have gifts for quilters, many crafters will love the change of pace offered by a knitting machine. Even if your loved one is much more familiar with sewing tools, this beginner-friendly machine will be a fun way to explore new needlepoint arts.

100-Pack CampTek Quilting Clips

An easy stocking stuffer with clearly labelled measurements, these clips come in an adorable organizing container and are a wonderful gift for quilters and other crafters.

BetyBedy 36-Piece Bamboo Knitting Needles

Another affordable gift option, this knitting needle set is perfect for the crafter who feels run down from machine quilting, and would like to try their hand at good, old-fashioned knitting.

NICAPA 45mm Rotary Cutter

Designed with safety in mind, small sewing notions such as these are great gifts and absolute must-haves for any quilter. Replacement blades are included.

Honbay Cute Hedgehog Pincushion

Everyone who loves to sew will get a kick out of this adorable pin cushion, who is at once a practical tool for sewing and a cute stuffed animal friend (we promise, he will not be able to feel any of the pins!).

Misscrafts Quilting Fabric

Anyone who has ever quilted understands that soft, beautiful fabric can make or break a project. With a selection of fifty pieces of pre-cut fabric, your loved one’s next quilt is sure to be as lovely as it is unique.

Ecraft LightGrip Cutting Mat

A great tool for anyone who finds the most stressful aspect of making a quilt to be the exact measurements. It might seem like a “small” gift, but it certainly has a big impact on the sewing process, and will be duly appreciated.

Clever Quilting Coffee Mug

While we would love to see the look on our friends’ faces when we tell them we have arranged for them to embark on an all-expenses paid quilting retreat, this is simply not reasonable for many of us.

Instead, this quirky coffee mug can help put a smile on our loved ones’ faces as they start their next quilting project from the comfort of their own sewing room.

Donyer Power Portable Mini Sewing Machine

Do you have a sewing friend that never seems to stay in one place for too long? Or a relative who cannot seem to tolerate a weekend getaway without their craft supplies on hand?

This budget-friendly machine is petit and portable, and, while it might not be sufficient as an avid quilter’s primary machine, it is a great back-up for anyone wanting to sew on the go without lugging around a cumbersome machine.

Vinyl Record Quilting Wall Clock

This is both a quilting gift and a slick piece of home decor for those who love classic rock and long for the days when music fans talked about 45s more than Spotify.

While this clock is perfect for the sewing room, the groovy, retro-themed design makes it a strong contender for a living room or kitchen accessory as well.

Pintastic Automatic Pin Dispenser

Quilting daily is key to perfecting your craft, but it can also be a risky business. Pins, scissors and other sewing notions laying around can mean lots of unpleasant pricks and cuts for crafters and their families.

This pin dispenser changes that. It automatically distributes one pin at a time, allowing you to take the pins you need while keeping your fingers safe from a runaway sewing needle or pin in your sewing area.

BambooMN Titanium SoftGrip Scissors Set

A great pair of scissors are an essential tool for any crafter, but why stop at one? A clever stocking-stuffer idea, this set of titanium scissors are great for anyone who sews, embroiders or just wants to have an extra pair of shears around the home or office.

Janome Hello Kitty Electric Sewing Machine

Is your sewing friend also your Hello Kitty-obsessed friend? If so, this is exactly the machine for them. While the adorable Japanese cartoon character is well-loved by children, she certainly has captivated a lot of adult fans, as well. No matter what age your favorite quilter is, a machine like this will certainly make sewing a cuter experience.

Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book (Revised & Updated)

Instead of getting your friends and family coffee table books that nobody will actually read, get them a book with drool-worthy designs and high-resolution photos that will leave them pouring over the pages long after their first read.

Knitting and sewing books can be great gifts for quilters as they can provide advice, ideas and insights that could inspire a new quilting project (or two, or three!), and there is no better resource for needlepoint lovers than Vogue Knitting.

This comprehensive guide has fun ideas for needlepoint artists at all skill levels, and can help artists improve their projects in every area, from selecting the right fabric to trying new techniques.

KINGMAS Seam Ripper Set

If your favorite quilter complains about the hassle of ripping seams, it should be a dead giveaway: they are hinting that they need a better seam ripper tool. Luckily, tools like these are among the cheapest gifts for quilters available, with a great quality set coming in at under ten dollars.

YISTA Wrist Pin Cushion

When it comes to people who love to sew, a practical gift is a thoughtful gift. This 100% cotton pin cushion with a cute pumpkin-shaped design might not be among the flashiest or fanciest gifts for quilters, but it can prevent some of the painful pinpricks that quilters are so accustomed to, making it a worthwhile present.

Harry Potter: Knitting Magic: The Official Harry Potter Knitting Pattern Book

A thoughtful gift for any quilter who knows which Hogwarts house they would belong to, this knitting guide has detailed projects inspired by the hit fantasy franchise. While readers are more likely to find ideas for Gryffindor scarves than full-size quilts, it will certainly be a source of fun craft ideas to keep a crafter occupied during their hundredth Harry Potter movie marathon.

LookHuman 11 Ounce Yarn-Themed Coffee Mug

Every person with a love of quilting, knitting or crafting has had to defend their habit as a totally healthy hobby, rather than a life-consuming obsession (can quilting not be both?)

If you have a loved one who is always prepared with an excuse for their fabric shopping when they already have an impressive quilting supply at home, this coffee mug will be an amusing treat for them.

Brother ST150HDH Sewing Machine

If your loved one has a passion for quilting, but lacks the proper tools to take on the projects they dream up in their minds, a sewing machine is an obvious gift choice. Although this is a reasonably priced machine, it is of course still a big investment to make on a birthday or Christmas gift, so it might be best to reserve such a splurge for close relatives and friends over loose acquaintances.

Omnigrid 2229 Ruler Grip Double Suction Cup

In the world of sewing, a great gift is a safe gift. This easy-to-use grip tool can prevent pricks and cuts caused by scissors, pins and other potentially dangerous sewing notions, without sacrificing the accurate measurements any quilter needs to perfect a project.

Marcia Baraldi Meander, Stipple Quilting Ruler Template Design

Even a top quilting expert can benefit from a template design. Meander and stipple designs are cute additions to any quilt, but they can be incredibly hard to achieve without the help of a template like this one, which can make the finishing touches portion of a quilt easier than ever before.

40-Piece Jelly Roll Cotton Fabric

Quality jelly roll fabric is always a great gift idea for crafters, and this is especially true with this roll of sturdy, gorgeous cotton fabric. While this is a solid gift for any occasion, it’s Christmas-themed colors make it an especially smart choice for the holiday season.

Grabaroo’s Gloves

Wanting to sew does not mean wanting to endure painful injuries or struggling to maintain your grip on your fabric. That is exactly why gloves such as these, which come in a wide range of sizes, are a necessary addition to any quilter’s toolkit.

Cotton Connecting Threads

You never know when your quilting supply will run low on the necessary materials to complete a quilting project, which is why it is always smart to have an abundance of everything you will need, such as these cotton connecting threads.

Journals Unlimited Quilting Journal

The perfect gift for a quilter with a lot on their mind! Journaling is a great outlet for anyone, especially creatively-minded people, and this book can also be used to plan future quilt projects.

Quilt Sculpture

This sculpted, hand-painted mother-and-child Willow Tree figurine is a unique gift that will remain any quilter of the true joy and love behind every quilt.

Outlander Knitting: The Official Book of 20 Knits Inspired By The Hit Series

On top of being an addictive, binge-friendly television series, Outlander is also a major source of inspiration for those who love to sew historical designs, just like the 20th and 18th century designs featured on the show.

If your favorite quilter is a big fan of Outlander, they might not want their next project to be a tartan quilt perfectly designed for the Scottish Highlands.

20 Pack Sewing Needles

A lot of sewers are versatile artisans who will need needles for quilts, clothing, embroidery, doll making… the list goes on and on. Needles make easy, great stocking stuffers that ensure no crafter will ever have to rummage through their sewing drawer desperately looking for the right needle ever again.

Sewing Machine Necklace

No fabric, no quilt, nothing to actually sew– and yet this unique gift will be a constant reminder of your loved one’s passion for quilting. This lovely sewing machine necklace is plated in silver and gold, and comes with a heart-warming reminder: good things come together one stitch at a time.

Wool Pressing Mat

Help your loved one sew great designs with this all-natural ironing mat made from 100% New Zealand wool. By locking in heat, ironing is easier and faster than ever, while protecting quilts-in-progress from potentially fabric-damaging steam.

Funny Flamingo Quilting-Themed Long Sleeve Shirt

This is a T shirt quilt lovers will get a chuckle out of. Given the funny, friendship-themed caption, it is perfect for social circles with more than one sewing buddy. This shirt, which ranges from 100% cotton to a polyester blend depending on the color, has a unisex fit a unisex fit, five color options and available sizes from small to 2XL, making it easy to shop for entire friend groups.

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