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Best Locks for Storage Unit – Top Picks to Keep You Safe

Storage units are great for storing all the extra “stuff” that you have lying around your house. From things that you only have specific uses for, to things that are simply too big to fit in your house, there are many reasons you may want to utilize a storage unit. But your storage unit is only as strong as it’s weakest link! So in this article, we’re focusing on one of the most important parts of any storage unit – the lock! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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NameSizeOur Rating
Master Lock Stainless Steel Discus Padlock6.56 x 3.75 x 1.43 inches9.5 / 10
Master Lock Magnum Solid Steel Padlock1.3 x 3.9 x 7.3 inches9.2 / 10
Delswin 4 Digit Combination Disc Padlock2.75 x 2.75 x 2.75 inches9.0 / 10
Master Lock Padlock, Titanium Series Stainless Steel6.56 x 4.75 x 1.48 inches9.0 / 10
Brinks Commercial Discus Lock5.3 x 3.2 x 3 inches8.9 / 10

Best Locks For Storage Unit – Product Reviews

1. Master Lock Stainless Steel Discus Padlock

First up in our product reviews is the Master Lock Discus Padlock. Master Lock has a great reputation as a lock manufacturer for on reason – their locks are strong and reliable.

This lock is specifically designed for usage in storage environments. It is a “lock and key” design. This is good for peace of mind, as you know that (outside of breaking the lock) no one can access your storage space without a key.

In terms of durability, this one is great. It is constructed with stainless steel, with a hardened steel shackle, making this lock extremely difficult to break. The 4-pin cylinder and dual locking lever also make it very resistant to prying and to picking.

Overall, a very well constructed lock, made of extremely strong materials. Does exactly what you want a lock to do, keep people out!

Pros & Cons:

The pros of this lock are quite simple – it is a well constructed lock that just works! Made of very strong materials, with multiple mechanisms to resist against breaking, picking, and prying. There’s not much more you can say about a lock except that it works!

In terms of downside, it depends on the style of lock you prefer. With locks that use keys, there is always potential that you lose the key! In these situations, you may prefer a combination lock.

2. Master Lock Magnum Solid Steel Padlock

Another one from Master Lock, but it’s only because they’re one of the most trusted names in lock making!

This is a maximum security padlock design, among the strongest locks available. It is constructed with solid steel, with an octagonal Boron-carbide shackle (50% tougher than steel!). It has a 4-pin cylinder and dual ball bearing locking design. This provides max protection against prying and picking.

Simply put, it’s one of the strongest locks on the market.

Pros & Cons:

This is a great lock, and it’s pros are pretty self evident. It’s designed to be near impossible to break, and also near impossible to pick and pry.

The only issues that customers seemed to have with the product were with the keys. Some were disappointed that only 2 keys were provided, and it is difficult to order more. This might make it difficult if you share access to your storage unit with several other people.

3. Delswin 4 Digit Combination Disc Padlock

Here’s another padlock, but this one utilizes a combination design. A 4-digit code is all it takes to unlock it.

It’s built to last. Stainless steel construction and a hardened steel shackle. It’s also built to withstand the elements, with rust proofing and anti-corrosion.

This lock is well-made, and has everything you’d want out of a combination padlock. It is great value too, and you won’t be breaking the bank.

Pros & Cons:

People really like this lock overall. If you are worried about losing your keys, and want a combination padlock, then this one is a great choice for you.

A few people had problems with faulty materials, and dials that are a bit “wobbly”. But these problems seem few and far between, with most reporting a very positive experience with this lock.

4. Master Lock Padlock, Titanium Series Stainless Steel

Another Master Lock padlock, but their locks are such quality that we couldn’t help but include a few on this list!

This is just an all-around solid padlock. Made with hard steel, it is very tough to break, pry, or pick! There’s not much more that can be said about this padlock except that it stands up to the quality you would expect from Master Lock.

Pros & Cons:

Once again, just a solid, efficient, durable lock. With a lock, you just want to set it and forget it, and that’s exactly what you have here.

The one complaint that a few customers had about this lock is in regards to the keys. The keys are not designed up to the standards of the lock itself, with some customers even describing them as “flimsy”. Also, you only get two keys, so if you are especially worried about losing them, or you need multiples, then you might be better off with a combination lock.

Overall, customers seemed satisfied with this product. Although heated steering wheels are not without their issues, this one will keep your hands warm on a winter day, which is really what most purchasers of this product are looking for.

5. Brinks Commercial Discus Lock

Here’s a solid lock from Brinks. And great value in this one, because you actually get 4 padlocks included in the package!

These locks are all of solid construction. They are quite sturdy padlocks, made of stainless steel for the body and the shackle. The locks also have a rubber bumper to protect the locks but also to protect the locks from scratching against valuables.

Pros & Cons:

These are solid padlocks. They are built well, and are a great choice for a storage unit door. The main appeal of this package is the value. You get 4 locks for a fair price. This is great if you have multiple things you need to lock up. Some people find that they feel more secure if they lock up particularly valuable things within a storage unit, as well as the door itself.

As for cons, it once again comes down to whether you prefer a keyed lock. This package has 4 keys, and all keys will unlock all the locks. For most people, this will be enough keys, but it also depends on personal preference.

Storage Lock Buying Guide

Now that we have completed our review of the top products on the market, we’re going to jump into a buyer’s guide to help you make your decision. We’ll start with the basics, and then move into the most important factors in making your decision.

What Are Storage Locks?

Let’s start with the basics. You surely are familiar with locks, and they’re pretty much a requirement if you have a storage locker. Locks come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of quality. In our list, we examined combination locks and keyed locks. These are the two most popular choices for a storage unit, and the two we would recommend. The strength of a lock depends on the quality of its design and the quality of the materials which were used. Both of these factors determine how much you can trust a lock, and how secure you will feel with the safety of your storage unit contents.

Things To Consider Before Purchase

Before we wrap up our guide, let’s take a look at the factors you need to consider when picking a lock for your storage unit. There are a lot of options on the market, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. We recommend that you break your choice down based on a few important factors. Consider the factors below, and see how they apply to the locks you are considering. This helps to simplify your choice, and will allow you to pick the best lock for you.


The first up is size. While size isn’t necessarily an exact indication of strength of the lock, it does help. Simply put, a large lock will usually be harder to break than a smaller one. This is especially true if the materials are thicker. If there is more stainless steel to break through, then the lock will be more secure, although this isn’t an exact rule.


Building on our last point, a strong lock needs to be built with strong materials. Look for stainless steel or hardened steel. There are many materials that can be used to build a strong lock, and it is often a combination of materials and design. The lock and the shackle need to be thick and durable. Specifically, look for a shackle that is made of hardened steel, and is thick enough that it is very difficult to break.


The lock needs to function smoothly and effortlessly. The mechanics of the lock need to be smooth, to prevent jamming, and also make it near impossible to pry or to pick. This isn’t always readily evident from looking at the lock itself. You’d be best off buying from a trusted brand, or checking customer reviews first. Established brands have a name to uphold, and their vast experience in lock-making makes it quite rare for a lock to function less than smoothly.


Price is a solid consideration in any purchase decision. A better metric is price vs. quality. You shouldn’t think of the price as an isolated thing, but rather in terms of how much value you are receiving for the money. In this case, you should also think in terms of the value of the things you are protecting. It might be worth spending the extra money on a heavier-duty lock that allows you to feel more secure with the things you are protecting. It might be worth it for that peace of mind knowing your valuables are safe.

Ease of Use

A big consideration when buying a lock has to do with the design of the locking mechanism itself. The two most popular types of lock are combination locks and keyed locks. This mostly comes down to personal preference. Keyed locks might be easier to open, but you always have to remember your key. Losing a key can be a major inconvenience. Combination locks don’t have this issue, but you also have to deal with remembering a combination! This factor comes down mostly to personal preference.


Often under-looked is the fact that it really helps if a lock looks intimidating. Even the brand name will let people know not to mess with the lock. The reason for this is that a lock is less likely to be tampered with if it seems like a more difficult task. And it is often judged based on the locks that are nearby, on neighboring storage units. If a thief has a choice between your heavy duty lock and your neighbor’s shoddy padlock, the one with most security wins.


Another factor is longevity of the lock itself. Look for a lock with adequate rust-proofing. This is especially true if your storage unit is located outdoors. A rusted lock becomes easier to break and more likely to jam up. You want a quality lock where this won’t be an issue.


Overall, the quality of the lock is probably what you’re most concerned with. However, it’s not always quite as simple as saying that one lock is “better” than the other. Quality is really determined as a combination of all the factors that we discussed above. From strength of the lock, to ease of use, to intimidating appearance, and more. It really is a matter of personal preference in determining what “high-quality” means to you. So consider all of these factors in turn, and we are sure that you can find a quality lock from our list above.

Risks and Warnings

A lock is a valuable tool in keeping your belongings safe, but you do need to remember that it is not a 100% guarantee. Locks can be broken. An extra-strong lock will have you feeling more secure, but it isn’t always all you can do. Extra steps involve putting extra locks inside the storage unit. Such as by locking particularly valuable items inside a lock box or a chest. Additionally, consider a storage unit that is in an area of town that receives less crime overall.

Thank you for reading our guide to choosing a lock for your storage unit! We are confident that this guide will have you making the right choice to keep your belongings safe!

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