End Of Year Teacher Gift Ideas

Teachers work super hard throughout the year and help their students as much as they can. Here are some ideas for gifts that you can give to your teacher at the end of the school year that he or she will really appreciate.

  • Tote Bag

    Tote bags are perfect for teachers who have a lot of things to carry to and from class.

    They are roomy and stylish. A smart leather tote bag is guaranteed to be used all the time.

    Most tote bags have several zippered compartments inside them, as well as plenty of pockets on the outside, allowing your teacher to easily store and find their books, lunch, stationery and gadgets.

  • Year Planner

    If there’s one thing that busy teachers probably get a lot of, it’s diaries and planners.

    Whilst these are incredibly thoughtful gifts, they are often left unused because they go out of date!

    With no printed dates on the pages, this planner can be used whenever your teacher gets around to using it, maybe even years after you leave school.

    It has all the typical planning pages you might expect, as well as a handy pen holder and clear wallets on the inside cover to store tickets, receipts and anything else they need to.

  • Board Games

    Board games can be excellent educational tools, so what teacher wouldn’t love one that they can share at home with their own family?

    Why not opt for a game that relates to the teacher’s subject, such as the Circuit Maze Board Game for your favourite physics teacher, 7 Wonders for your history teacher, or Anti-Monopoly for your maths teacher?

    With such a huge range of board games to choose from, there is bound to be something appropriate for your teacher.

  • Books

    You’d be hard pushed to find a teacher that doesn’t love to read a good book, but it can be difficult to decide exactly which one to buy.

    That’s where the best seller lists come in handy.

    A music teacher will appreciate Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen, whilst a history teacher may enjoy reading Killing the Rising Sun by Bill O’Reilly. And a science teacher will probably love the Guinness Book of World Records.

  • Brilliant Ideas Notepad

    If you have a teacher who enjoys creating things and always has brilliant ideas, then this notepad is for them.

    It can be personalised with their name and a colour of your choice for the print, so make sure you select their favourite colour.

    You can also choose to add a magnetic strip to the back of this notepad so that your teacher can keep it in an easily accessible location on the fridge.

  • Chocolate

    Almost everyone loves a beautiful, delicious box of chocolates and your teacher is probably no different.

    If you know exactly which chocolates they love, then that’s half the battle won.

    You can choose to buy them a large tray of Ferrero Rocher or a bag of Hershey’s kisses, but for the teacher who likes variety, a Lindt chocolate sampler or a Cadbury selection box would be more appropriate.

    You never know, they might even be willing to share!

  • Monogrammed Clipboard

    With so many stylish and beautiful designs to choose from, you can easily find a monogrammed clipboard that suits the personality of your teacher.

    Some can be customised with your teacher’s name, whilst others are personalised with their initials.

    A whole range of patterns are available for the background including feminine butterflies and paisley, or masculine strips and chevrons.

    This is sure to be a winner with your teacher, especially if they have duties that require regular use of a clipboard.

  • Cooler Bag

    If your teacher brings their own lunch to school, then this cooler bag is the ideal gift for them.

    It has an adorable polar bear print on the outside, whilst having plenty of room for a healthy, nutritious lunch that will stay nice and cool.

    Its wipe-clean surface also makes it perfect for using as a make-up or toiletry bag, so why not pop some relaxing bubble bath inside as well?

  • Desk Organizer Caddy

    For the teacher who likes stationery or who has a lot of ‘stuff’ on their desk, you can’t give a more perfect gift than this desk organiser caddy.

    Made from strong black steel, this caddy has numerous compartments for storing scissors, pens, sticky notes and more.

    Plus, a cute pull-out drawer means that he or she can hide a sneaky snack or simply save any small notes and other things they don’t wish to lose.

  • Drinking Cup Holder

    Does your teacher have a messy desk? If yes, then this drinking cup holder clip is an ideal gift because it allows them to safely store their drink without worrying that it will get spilt everywhere.

    It can hold a cup that is up to 3-inches in diameter. Its multipurpose nature means it can also be used to hold your teacher’s phone, snacks or other little bits that would normally be strewn across their desk and liable to get lost.

  • Engraved Ballpoint Pen

    What better way to show your teacher how much you appreciate them than by giving them this beautiful ballpoint pen, engraved with their name?

    Presented in a stylish gift box, you can choose to have the pen engraved in either regular or italic font, whilst the lifetime guarantee ensures that your teacher can cherish this pen for many years to come.

  • Gift Cards

    It can sometimes be difficult to know what gift would be perfect for your favourite teacher.

    That is where a gift card can come in handy.

    Get your classmates to chip in and you can ensure that your teacher will have a tidy sum to treat themselves at a number of places including Amazon, Starbucks and JC Penney.

    You can even buy a gift card that will pay for a year’s subscription for them for services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix.

  • Monogram Address Stamp

    Whilst this is designed to be an address stamp, it can be personalised with almost anything you can think of, including your teacher’s name and their favourite book quote, saying or the name of their class, to name but a few things.

    Your teacher can easily stamp anything they wish, including textbooks and report cards.

  • Picture Frame

    This stylish black photo frame can be purchased with the surrounding white mat to provide space for students to share their favourite memories of their teacher, or simply sign their names.

    The central opening can hold a 5x7 inch photograph. As an example, you could add a picture of a favourite class moment or a picture from a recent school trip.

    Whilst this frame has been designed with weddings in mind, it is a perfect gift for a cherished teacher.

  • Name Plate / Door Sign

    This name plate can be stuck to your teacher’s desk or even used as a door sign for their classroom.

    Its simple, stylish finish is sure to be appreciated by any teacher, with you being able to choose between dark and light wood.

    You can personalise the sign with almost any name. Why not have a bit of fun with it and add your teacher’s nickname?

    If there is a class pet, you could even get this sign personalised with their name for hanging above their cage.

  • Stamp Set

    This cute little stamp set is an excellent gift for any hardworking teacher.

    It includes eight stamps, each with a different phrase, such as “Great Work”, “Very Good!” and “Please Correct and Return”, allowing your teacher to save time when marking work.

    It comes in four different colours and each stamp can be used up to 30,000 times, so your teacher can enjoy using them for years.

  • Super Power Mug

    Show your favourite teacher just how grateful you are to them for all of their hard work by getting them this mug!

    On the front is written, “I’m a teacher. What’s your superpower?”, which is sure to make them smile and realise that the long, hard hours they spend marking your work and planning lessons is appreciated.

  • Thank You Card

    When you decide to get your whole class to sign a card for your teacher, you need one big enough for the job and that’s exactly what this jumbo-sized thank you card is.

    Measuring 8 x 11 inches, it has plenty of space for your classmates to sign their names and leave a little message for your favourite teacher.

    Plus, it will safely hold any gift cards you might decide to purchase for them as well.