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The Best Outdoor Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs are timeless and welcoming items that are nice and relaxing to sit in, and brighten up their location wherever you put them. They’re a great social tool, providing the perfect excuse to sit back and enjoy long conversations in the sun.

If you’re interested in buying a new rocking chair, you should know that they’re available in a number of different styles. They’re also produced by a wide range of manufacturers.

If you want to in investing in a rocking chair that will last a lifetime, it’s worth thinking about who’ll be using it and what kind of rocker would best meet their needs.

If you’re fortunate enough to live somewhere warm, outdoor rocking chairs become a particularly appealing choice. Below are some of the best outdoor rocking chairs on the market.

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NameOur Rating
Merax Cushioned Rattan Rocker Chair9.6 / 10
GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker9.4 / 10
Mainstays Outdoor Double Rocking Chair9.4 / 10
Outdoor Interiors Resin Wicker & Eucalyptus Rocking Chair9.2 / 10
Faulkner 49596 Dakota Rocking Chair9.2 / 10
Lakeland Mills Log Rocking Chair9.2 / 10
Sundale Outdoor Wicker Rocking Chair9.2 / 10
Best Choice Products Folding Rocking Chair9 / 10
Trex Outdoor Furniture Yacht Club Rocking Chair9 / 10
Semco Plastic Rocking Chair9 / 10

1. Merax Cushioned Rattan Rocker Chair

Merax retail their outdoor furniture all over the globe, offering well-made products at affordable prices. This Cushioned Rattan Rocker Chair is a classic example of a Merax product, available near the lower end of the price range for outdoor rocking chairs but representing a commitment to craftsmanship and quality.

If your heart is set on a hardwood rocking chair, the Cushioned Rattan Rocker Chair won’t be for you, but if you want something simple and durable it’s hard to fault this rocker for the price.

Merax have even included two cushions with this outdoor rocking chair – a seat cushion and a back cushion – which can be easily detached and stored inside when not in use.

Wide enough to comfortably seat one adult with a child on their knee, this Merax rocker is a fine choice for anyone looking for a strong, attractive rocking chair that won’t break the bank.

  • Built using a brown rattan weave over a steel frame, the Cushioned Rattan Rocker Chair from Merax is durable and water-resistant.
  • The thick orange cushions included with the rocker are comfortable and easy to stow away between uses, and they look great. The chair will add life and warmth to your patio.
  • The Cushioned Rattan Rocker Chair is wider than average, with the seat cushion measuring 25.5” across. This is more than enough space for one adult with a child sat on their lap to sit comfortably, making the chair a great choice for parents with infants or young children.
  • While the rattan weave may not be everyone’s favorite design, there’s no denying that it’s stylish and elegant in its simplicity. It shouldn’t degrade over time, maintaining its classic look for many years to come.
  • Price: this outdoor rocking chair is available at the lower end of the price range for outdoor rocking chairs. If you want quality and style but are on a budget, this is a good place to start your search.
  • Merax have taken some of the frustration out of construction by including a hex key with the Cushioned Rattan Rocker Chair. This is a relatively simple rocker to put together upon delivery.

2. GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker

GCI Outdoor, as the name suggests, are specialists when it comes to the outdoors, camping and traveling. Their Freestyle Rocker is a lightweight, super-portable take on the outdoor rocking chair, and it’s an affordable and relatively sturdy option for those looking to rock while on the move.

The frame of the rocker is powder-treated steel, with a waterproof material making up the back and seat of the chair itself. The Freestyle Rocker uses a simple external hydraulic system to simulate the classic rocking motion, while still being able to support a maximum weight of 250 lbs – impressive, given its lightweight nature and skeletal appearance.

It’s true that this offering from GCI Outdoor won’t look as good as a traditional wooden rocking chair when left out on the porch, but this outdoor rocker wasn’t made with staying put in mind. For anyone looking for an affordable portable outdoor rocking chair, the Freestyle Rocker does everything you need, and should last for some time

  • Constructed from a foldable steel frame, with a seat and back made from waterproof material, this is a lightweight and very portable take on the outdoor rocking chair. If you want something to rock and relax in while camping or traveling, this is an option well worth considering.
  • The hydraulic rocking system overcomes one of the pitfalls of rocking mechanisms, which is that internal moving parts pose a real risk of injury, especially to children and animals. Children should still be taught to keep their fingers well away from moving parts, but relative to a glider or platform rocker this is a much more child-friendly choice.
  • The steel used in the Freestyle Rocker has been powder-treated to improve resistance to weather and rust. This is not, however, the same level of protection offered by stainless steel; so while this rocker may stay rust-free for a while, it may not last forever.
  • GCI Outdoor have given serious thought to the needs of campers and travelers, and this portable outdoor rocking chair comes with an integrated carry handle and padded armrests, for comfort on the move and even more comfort once you’re set up for the night.
  • The Freestyle Rocker is notably cheaper than most outdoor rocking chairs. Given the materials used in its construction this is only fitting, but it still makes this offering from GCI Outdoor an attractive one to rocking chair shoppers on a budget.

3. Mainstays Outdoor Double Rocking Chair

Using an outdoor rocking chair can be a wonderfully sociable experience, which is one of the reasons why so many people see them as indispensable pieces of furniture. It’s a lot easier to be sociable with two people, and Mainstays have recognized that with their Outdoor Double Rocking Chair.

It does what the name suggests: this outdoor rocker is wide enough to seat two adults comfortably, enabling peaceful and intimate conversations out on the porch or patio. The chair itself can help to improve the mood, being made in a traditional rustic style and finished with white paint.

This is an outdoor rocking chair which will blend in and improve its surroundings on any porch, while giving a great excuse to relax and watch the sun go down with someone close to you. Be warned that the Outdoor Double Rocking Chair is trickier than the average rocking chair to assemble, so factor that into the cost if you think you’ll need professional help.

  • The Outdoor Double Rocking Chair is a beautiful item of furniture, having a classic rustic style and being finished in elegant and stylish white. It will fit in on most porches or patios, all while improving the overall aesthetic and atmosphere.
  • This double width rocking chair can easily seat two adults or three children, making it a great centerpiece for the porch or patio of a family home.
  • In accordance with the increased size, the Outdoor Double Rocking Chair has a greater weight capacity than most rockers.
  • Mainstays have produced a sturdy, well-made and durable outdoor rocking chair that will stand up against most weather conditions. There are certainly cheaper options on the market, but this rocker will last you long into the future, representing good value for money.

4. Outdoor Interiors Resin Wicker & Eucalyptus Rocking Chair

Outdoor Interiors produce high-end outdoor furniture with the aim of making the outdoors feel as cosy and welcoming as a well-furnished interior.

Commitment to quality rarely comes cheap, and the Resin Wicker & Eucalyptus Rocking Chair is no exception; but there’s no question that this is indeed a quality product. Outdoor Interiors have combined a wicker weave with a eucalyptus frame, rather than the steel frame usually used to reduce costs on wicker rockers, and the end product is beautiful.

The combination of wood and wicker allows this rocker to complement either modern or rustic furniture, making it a versatile as well as a strong and durable product.

The wicker weave is waterproof, and Outdoor Interiors even offer it in a choice of colors; the option to customize the rocking chair to fit the look of your porch or patio is an added bonus to what is already a very appealing item.

  • Outdoor Interiors pride themselves on offering style and solutions for patio furniture, and this is without question a stylish product. It’s comfortable, it’s durable, and it can be the centrepiece of your patio or tie a whole suite of outdoor furniture together.
  • With the Resin Wicker & Eucalyptus Rocking Chair, Outdoor Interiors have combined a wicker weave with a wooden frame, producing an outdoor rocking chair that’s not only sturdy and durable but can easily complement modern or rustic furniture, according to your needs.
  • The eucalyptus in this outdoor rocking chair has been treated with brown stain and an oil finish, giving it a wonderfully deep color and texture. Be aware that to preserve the Resin Wicker & Eucalyptus Rocking Chair’s lifespan, you’ll want to treat the eucalyptus with linseed oil twice a year.
  • With a seat width of 24” and a height profile of 17”, the chair is of a fairly typical size for outdoor rockers, with the seat far enough from the ground to be comfortable and easy to rock for all but the tallest individuals.
  • The wicker weave is available in a range of wood tones and grays, helping you match what is already an elegant and attractive piece with your existing outdoor furniture.


5. Faulkner 49596 Dakota Rocking Chair

One complaint some consumers have leveled at foldable rocking chairs is how flimsy they are, relative to their sturdier non-portable cousins. With the Dakota Rocking Chair, Faulkner have set out to counter that criticism by producing a remarkably robust and sturdy folding outdoor rocker.

Quick and easy to set up, the Dakota Rocking Chair has a frame of sturdy steel tubing which can take a maximum weight of 300 lbs – considerably more than most portable rocking chairs.

It isn’t only the frame that’s thick, however: the 600-denier polyester used for the seat and back of the chair is incredibly soft and comfortable, meaning the Dakota Rocking Chair is a portable rocker that feels a lot like one of its non-portable relations.

It even looks good, especially in comparison to the utilitarian design featured on most portable rocking chairs: with a central black column surrounded by either blue or red depending on your choice, Faulkner’s offering might not be the best choice to brighten up your porch but it’ll certainly brighten up any campsite.

  • The Dakota Rocking Chair uses steel tubing that’s thicker and less pliable than the tubing usually used in folding rocking chairs. Because the tubing’s hollow, this doesn’t add appreciably to the overall weight of the chair, but it has real benefits in terms of sturdiness and longevity.
  • The 300 lbs maximum weight Faulkner say this outdoor rocking chair can hold is significantly more than most foldable outdoor rocking chairs, making it a reliable choice that can be used by most people.
  • The 600-denier polyester used for the Dakota Rocking Chair’s seat and back is noticeably thicker and softer than the material used in most outdoor rockers. If you plan on spending long periods in your rocker, your back (and other parts) will thank you.
  • Compared to most foldable rocking chairs, the Dakota Rocking Chair is surprisingly smart and attractive. There’s no beating a traditional wooden rocker for completing the look of a porch, but for use on the move or around the campfire this is an impressively stylish outdoor rocker.
  • Like most foldable rocking chairs, this outdoor rocker is significantly cheaper than most traditional rockers. Compared to its competitors on the foldable market, though, it’s not much more expensive; and for the price, you’re getting one of the best foldable rocking chairs available.


6. Lakeland Mills Log Rocking Chair

Lakeland Mills are known for outdoor and garden furniture, and for working with wood. The Log Rocking Chair is the culmination of both these things, being a traditional outdoor rocker built entirely from untreated cedar.

Both logs and planks are used in the construction of the Log Rocking Chair, giving it a bold yet timeless appearance which can fit into almost any arrangement of patio furniture.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because it’s made from untreated wood, this is a simply-made piece: all the planks used in the Log Rocking Chair have been specifically planed and contoured to produce an incredibly comfortable seat by any standards.

What’s equally impressive is the price: it’s a common (and usually correct) assumption that hardwood means high prices, but Lakeland Mills have gone out of their way to make this hardwood rocker surprisingly affordable.

The Log Rocking Chair is just one item in the Lakeland Mills range of log furniture, making it a great choice for the long-term which you can build a whole outdoor suite around.

  • The Log Rocking Chair is a bold take on a rustic classic, built using untreated cedar logs and planks. It can fit in among almost any furniture setup, but it’ll look particularly attractive on a suitably rustic and wooden porch or patio.
  • This Lakeland Mills rocker has got a typical height and width profile, making it a solid all-rounder with a charming neo-rustic look.
  • Despite its all-wooden construction, this is not a piece which was made either quickly or simply. The seat in particular has been built from individually planed and contoured planks, resulting in a chair that’s incredibly comfortable to rock in, and especially comfortable when compared to other wooden furniture.
  • The chair will change in appearance over time, depending on whether or not you choose to stain or varnish it yourself. If you decide not to, the weather will turn the cedar silver-gray over time. The Log Rocking Chair will age with you, further contributing to the warmth and cosiness it brings and making it a great heirloom to be passed down to the next generation.
  • This isn’t the cheapest outdoor rocking chair on the market, but it’s among the most affordable wooden rockers. For high quality at a low price, this Lakeland Mills offering is hard to beat.
  • Lakeland Mills produce an entire range of log furniture for use outdoors. If you enjoy your Log Rocking Chair, you can build an entire suite of outdoor furniture in the same style.

7. Sundale Outdoor Wicker Rocking Chair

As the name suggests, this is an outdoor rocker built using a wicker pattern over a steel frame, resulting in a durable and water-resistant rocker.

With a conventional design, the Wicker Rocking Chair is a little more unusual in terms of its dimensions: it’s wider than most comparable rockers, with a seat that’s a little more than 28” across, but it has a noticeably low profile.

A few consumers have reported difficulties with assembly, but once assembled, this Sundale Outdoor product is a quality outdoor rocking chair which should last you long into the future.

Sundale Outdoor have even taken the appreciated extra step of offering the Wicker Rocking Chair with a variety of cushions, ranging from a muted tan to a vibrant blue in color.

  • As patio furniture specialists, Sundale Outdoor have accumulated a lot of experience building outdoor furniture that does its job and lasts a long time. That expertise has gone into the Wicker Rocking Chair, meaning you can buy with confidence and look to the long term.
  • Built using a wicker rattan pattern over a steel frame, this is a hardy outdoor rocking chair which will stand up well against wind and rain, even over long periods of time.
  • The detachable cushions help improve the comfort of the rocker, and Sundale Outdoor offer customers a choice of various colors. The tan cushions are pale, making them a great choice if you’ve got a wooden porch or patio and want something that blends in with that. If you’re looking for something a little bit more energetic, there are also blue, green and red cushions available.
  • The Wicker Rocking Chair is available at a midrange price point, but it looks like an expensive rocker.
  • The extra-wide seat on this outdoor rocking chair makes it a great choice for anyone who’ll be rocking with a child (or a pet) on their knee. Two small children should even be able to squeeze on side by side without too much trouble.

8. Best Choice Products Folding Rocking Chair

If you want something grand, or something you can pass down to the next generation, the Best Choice Products Folding Rocking Chair wasn’t made with you in mind; but if you’re looking for a useful, portable, comfortable outdoor rocker and don’t want to break the bank to get one, this is an option you can’t ignore.

Made using UV-resistant mesh fabric over a steel frame, the Folding Rocking Chair is available in a choice of two colors – red or beige – and can be easily folded up for travel and storage when not in use.

Be aware that this is smaller than some foldable rocking chairs, with a seat width of 20.5” that will be too narrow for some people. Particularly tall consumers have also reported finding the chair difficult to rock due to the relatively low profile of the chair when unfolded; but for most people, this offering from Best Choice Products may indeed be the best choice for those shopping for an outdoor rocking chair on a budget.

  • This is a basic foldable outdoor rocking chair, available at a good price. In terms of value for money, it’s hard to criticize it.
  • Like any good foldable rocking chair, this product can be easily folded up and carried when not in use, making it a great choice for camping and traveling. When unfolded, the chair can be locked in place, avoiding any unfortunate collapses.
  • The steel used for the frame of the chair has been powder-treated to improve its longevity and resistance to rust. It won’t last as long as stainless steel, but it’s a big improvement compared to untreated steel.
  • Best Choice Products offer the Folding Rocking Chair in either beige or red.
  • Assuming you don’t find it too small for your needs, this is a surprisingly sturdy and durable outdoor rocking chair for the price.

9. Trex Outdoor Furniture Yacht Club Rocking Chair

Trex are a brand associated with high quality products made using their proprietary material – eco-friendly, recycled poly-wood lumber.

Their Yacht Club Rocking Chair is a premium outdoor rocking chair made in this mould, but despite the innovative materials used in its design this is a beautiful and meticulously-made traditional outdoor rocker.

As you might expect from any product marketed as belonging in a yacht club, the Yacht Club Rocking Chair is not a budget item; but in terms of getting what you pay for, it’s hard to fault this high-quality outdoor rocker.

It’s even UV-resistant, and available in a range of colors including varied wood tones and rainforest canopy green. Like all Trex products, the Yacht Club Rocking Chair requires minimal assembly, and be cleaned with soap and water.

  • The Yacht Club Rocking Chair is made with eco-friendly, recycled poly-wood lumber, making it UV and water-resistant as well as impressively strong and durable.
  • Despite the novel materials used, this is a beautiful and well-made outdoor rocking chair in the traditional style.
  • Like most Trex products, the Yacht Club Rocking Chair requires little effort to assemble, with all necessary tools included with the product. If you’re looking for something that looks great, will last, and won’t take ages to get set up, this is an excellent option.
  • The chair is available in a range of colors, including various wood tones and shades of gray as well as a muted green Trex call rainforest canopy. However you’ve got your porch or patio set up, there’s a good chance you’ll find a Trex rocker that complements it perfectly.
  • An added benefit of the recycled poly-wood used in the Yacht Club Rocking Chair is that this outdoor rocker can be cleaned quickly and safely.

10. Semco Plastic Rocking Chair

Semco are experts when it comes to plastics, which is why their entry into the outdoor rocking chair market is made from a material not commonly used for rockers.

The Plastic Rocking Chair is a white plastic rocker which comes in four pieces, making assembly quick and easy. The plastic it’s made from is recycled, a real benefit in terms of cost to the earth, and there’s no faulting hard plastic as a rugged and durable material which won’t rust or warp over time.

Where Semco’s outdoor rocker might lose points is appearance: if you’re looking for an outdoor rocking chair which will enhance the look of your porch or patio, the fact that this rocker is constructed entirely from plastic might be enough to put you off.

If you can look past the material used, however, this is an affordable outdoor rocking chair that’s seriously strong and will serve you long into the future.

  • The Plastic Rocking Chair is about as affordable as hard-bodied outdoor rocking chairs get, which is appropriate given the lower costs of manufacturing with plastic compared to building with wood. If you want to rock on a budget, Semco have made you an excellent option.
  • The white plastic is rugged, durable and waterproof. It won’t rust or peel or warp over time; and the choice of color goes some way to helping the chair blend in on a wooden porch.
  • This outdoor rocking chair is extremely easy to clean, simply requiring you to wipe it down with a wet cloth.
  • The 4-piece assembly makes this one of the quickest outdoor rocking chairs to assemble and use upon delivery.
  • One of the benefits of plastic people sometimes overlook is its strength: moulded hard plastic can resist serious strain, and Semco’s Plastic Rocking Chair boasts a maximum weight capacity of 600 lbs.
  • If you’re trying to go green, this outdoor rocking chair is a great choice, being made entirely from recycled plastic.

Rocking chair buyers guide

The traditional rocking chair has a simple design: a wooden chair with two curved rockers under its legs, connecting the front legs to the back so that the chair only contacts the floor at two points.

In this way, someone sitting in the chair can rock back and forth with relatively little effort, by simply pushing against the floor with their feet or shifting their body weight in the seat.

Hot days and warm evenings make inviting conditions for rocking on the porch or patio; and if you’ve got somewhere to put it and the local weather’s friendly enough, an outdoor rocking chair is worth real consideration.

There are a number of different styles available which will be more or less suitable for you depending on your needs.

Traditional – sometimes called “rustic” – rocking chairs fit the basic mould, with two rockers allowing the user to rock back and forth at a pace and rhythm of their choosing. They can be found in materials other than wood and with unusual designs, but these are less common: some rockers, designed to be lighter and more affordable, use a steel frame with either a wicker weave or synthetic mesh covering. The traditional rocking chair, however, is most commonly constructed entirely from hardwood, with a varnish or stain finish.

Platform rockers are a little more advanced than the traditional rocking chair, but the end result is very similar. Platform rockers have a stable base, making them more suitable for infirm or elderly users, and allowing them to be used on more uneven surfaces than some traditional rocking chairs.

The rocking motion in a platform rocker is generated by an internal mechanism, which allows the chair’s back and seat to rock while the base remains stable and motionless. Platform rockers are more often found indoors than outside, but as long as the materials are suitable and the rocker’s mechanism is sealed and covered, they can serve admirably as outdoor rocking chairs.

Gliders are a variant on the platform rocker where the back and seat move back and forth without the accompanying up-and-down motion of a rocker. They’re a great choice for nursing mothers who don’t enjoy the rocking motion.

Outdoor rocking chairs can be made in any of the above styles; those using the gliding motion are typically referred to as porch gliders.

By simple fact of staying outdoors, outdoor rockers need to be more durable and better able to resist bad weather than their indoor cousins. Any internal mechanisms can be a particular weak point for outdoor rocking chairs, as with any item intended to be left out in all weather, making quality of construction even more important compared to indoor rockers.

That said, if you take your time and make sure you’re buying something worth the price tag, you’ll be buying a piece of furniture which enhances the look of your home, provides relaxation and stimulation, and – if well-looked after – can be passed through the family for generations to come.

Why buy an outdoor rocking chair?

Like all rocking chairs, outdoor rocking chairs have many benefits, both physical and mental. By nature of being built for the outdoors, they’re also hardier and more versatile than most indoor rockers. Here are some of the reasons why an outdoor rocking chair should be your next big purchase:

  • Mental and emotional benefits. It’s well known that time spent rocking has real, tangible benefits in terms of emotional well-being. If you’re skeptical, try one out for yourself and feel the difference. Studies have shown that the mental and emotional benefits have real medical applications: a University of Rochester study presented rocking chair therapy as a valuable tool in the treatment and amelioration of dementia and its symptoms.
  • Perfect for nursing mothers. The mental and emotional gains an outdoor rocking chair can bring aren’t only for grown-ups. Generations of mothers have sworn by the soothing motion of the rocking chair, and the bonding experience between parent and child that happens there. Once again, this isn’t just personal experience: a recent study showed that rocking not only encourages sleep but improves its quality, making the rocking chair a powerful tool when it comes to getting your child into a healthy routine.
  • Physical health benefits. If you’re a regular action (wo)man, an outdoor rocking chair might not quite provide the workout you need. If, like many of us, you’ve got a sedentary job and only limited time to exercise at home, some time spent in a rocking chair may have a noticeable impact on your overall balance and muscle tone. It’s not a replacement for exercise, but a little extra toning is a nice bonus when you’re relaxing in your rocker.
  • Appearance. Call it aesthetics, call it decoration, or just say it looks nice on the porch. Rocking chairs are typically attractive pieces of furniture, and all the associations of warmth and relaxation they bring can really contribute to the look and feel of wherever you end up putting it. A nice porch or patio doesn’t look complete without an outdoor rocking chair adding those welcoming, sociable touches.
  • Sociability. More so than indoor rockers, outdoor rocking chairs can offer a great opportunity to be sociable. If you’re fortunate to live somewhere with nice weather and nicer neighbors, sitting on the porch chatting is a fine way to end (or start) a day. Whoever you’re with – friends, family, acquaintances – sitting comfortably outside will always be a great facilitators of conversation.
  • Versatility. By virtue of being built with hardier materials than indoor rockers, outdoor rocking chairs have an advantage in terms of versatility. If it’s foldable, it’s easy to take your outdoor rocker traveling or camping; and even if it’s not, you can still take your rocking chair with you if you’ve got a truck or van with enough space inside. If you’re going somewhere outdoors for any length of time, taking your outdoor rocking chair will probably improve the trip.

Things to consider

If you’ve decided on buying an outdoor rocking chair, there are a few points worth considering before making your purchase:

  • Who’s the chair for? Who will be getting the most use out of the rocker? If you’re buying the chair for yourself, this question will be easier to answer; but whoever it’s for, think about their needs and how they’ll benefit from using it. Someone with poor balance will probably prefer a platform rocker or glider to a more traditional chair, whereas someone particularly tall will want to keep an eye open for rockers with a suitably high profile. Know what you want before you start shopping and you’re much less likely to experience buyer’s remorse.
  • Materials. Most outdoor rocking chairs are built using hardwood, although an increasing number are made using a rattan or wicker weave over a steel or aluminum frame. The most portable models use a lightweight mesh over the steel frame instead. Even among the hardwood rockers, however, there’s plenty of room for variation. Some woods look nicer than others, and some are bound to go better with the décor of your porch or patio. If you know your outdoor rocker will need to stand up to some serious weather from time to time, look for particularly sturdy materials which have been treated to resist wind and rain.
  • Appearance. The wood used makes a difference here, as does the stain or varnish used and the overall pattern and design of the rocking chair itself. If you’ve gone for a wicker or rattan style rocker, the pattern used for the weave will have a big impact on appearance. Do the style, aesthetic and color of the rocker match the location where you plan on using it? Appearance will matter more to some people than others; but with so many rockers available on the market, you’re sure to be able to find something that complements its surroundings.
  • Durability. This point is particularly important for outdoor rocking chairs. Will the chair and its materials last, and stand up to hostile weather? Your answer will depend on the weather where you live, but remember that an outdoor rocking chair which has to be brought indoors during bad weather isn’t an outdoor rocker at all – it’s an indoor rocker which you sometimes take outside.
  • Dimensions. Most rocking chairs will comfortably house most people, but some of us will need to pay closer attention to the rocker’s dimensions. Parents with young children will want to look at wider rocking chairs, because a narrow seat becomes uncomfortable with someone sitting on your lap. Particularly tall people will need a rocking chair with a higher-than-average profile, to avoid the discomfort that comes from having your knees bunched up around your head.
  • Footrest/stool. Does the outdoor rocking chair come with a footrest or stool? If it doesn’t, is that an additional purchase you’ll have to make? Shorter individuals are the most likely to benefit from a footrest or stool, while nursing mothers may appreciate the specially-designed nursing stools, which helps them sit in a comfortable position while nursing.
  • Price. As is always the case, price matters more to some people than others. However wealthy or frugal you are, however, you should have a rough idea in mind of how much you’d like to spend before heading out shopping. For an outdoor rocking chair, expect to pay upwards of $100 for a well-made wooden rocker, with steel-framed models being slightly less expensive and luxury and bespoke pieces costing considerably more.
  • Assembly. Is any assembly required? If so, are you up to the task, or will you have to go in your pocket a second time to pay a professional to set it up for you? Any assembly will cost you, in time and effort or money, so bear this in mind when weighing up your options.
  • Extra features. Less common in outdoor rocking chairs, some rockers do come with luxury features built in. These include heating in the back and seat of the chair, and can even include integrated massagers.
  • Safety. A particular concern around children and small animals, rocking chairs with internal mechanisms – like the platform rocker or the glider – have much greater potential for injury than traditional models. If you do opt for a rocking chair with an internal mechanism, make sure any moving parts are entirely contained and sealed, to minimize the risk of trapped fingers.
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