AKDY are a manufacturer of high-end home appliances, noted for the sleek and modern stylings of their products. Their WC0021 sticks with the program, with an impressive black and stainless steel body and elegant beech wood shelves adding class to the overall look. The shelves can be removed, making this dual zone wine cooler a great choice if you know you’ll be using it to store large or unusual bottles.

With dual zones governed independently by a digital touchpad control, you can simply set up AKDY’s WC0021 to chill reds and whites independently.

The UV-resistant glass used in the cooler’s door helps to protect your collection against the sun’s rays, making it a great choice for anyone looking to get serious about storing a collection.

This isn’t the cheapest dual zone wine cooler on the market, but neither is it the most expensive, and like many AKDY products, this is a stylish and effective home appliance.

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