Bissell 13H8K

The Bissell 13H8K features an integrated pet hair lifter that is designed to ensure that maximum hair removal occurs during vacuuming.

The pet hair lifter has a lint brush that grabs the pet hair when you pull the vacuum backwards and then releases it into the suction hole when you push the vacuum forwards.

The pet turbo brush tool further aids in pet hair removal because it is designed for use on areas that are unsuitable for the main body of the vacuum, namely stairs, upholstery and cars. Other accessories that come with the Bissell 13H8K are a dusting brush and a crevice tool.

The smaller size of this vacuum means that you can get into hard to reach places, such as under tables, that many standard sized vacuums struggle with, whilst the auto height adjustment on the brush bar lets you move from one flooring type to another without losing cleaning quality.


This upright, bagless, corded pet vacuum measures approximately 43 by 11 by 11-inches. It has a 1 liter capacity dust container, a 23 foot long power cord and weighs 11.2 lbs.

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