Bosch HDH181XB

Bosch are a big name in power tools and DIY more broadly, and the HDH181XB is a serious and professional product. The durability and long-term quality of this cordless drill will likely make it one of the best hammer drill investments in the long run.

Capable of reaching 1,850 RPM, this particular Brute Tough drill can also generate a serious amount of torque; considerably more than most of its competition.

With all-metal gear housing, a cell protection system to preserve battery life, and KickBack Control to protect the drill user, this is a versatile and extremely effective power tool which will get the job done – whatever it is – and continue doing so over many years.

It’s also worth mentioning that this Bosch drill looks fantastic, with a clean metal head set against solid colors which only adds to the impression of quality you get from this product.

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