Bosch PS130-2A

Bosch are a name synonymous with quality in the power tools marketplace, and the PS130-2A 12V MAX Hammer Drill Driver doesn’t throw up any surprises on that front.

Where it does differ from some Bosch products is its size: weighing in at a mere 2.3 lbs and with the shortest head length among drills on the market today, this is an impressively small and compact piece of machinery. For portability and working in tight spaces, the PS130-2A’s small size and low weight can make a huge difference; and with Bosch, you shouldn’t expect a reduction in quality to go with the size.

This cordless combi drill (it can drive as well as drill and hammer) has a 20-stage clutch and two different speeds to choose between, as well as integrated LED and fuel gauge to further improve ease of use.

Thanks to the 12V MAX power system – which allows batteries to be switched with other 12V MAX power tools – the battery life doesn’t even suffer in comparison with larger, bulkier models.

With the PS130-2A, Bosch have taken the flexibility and mobility that makes cordless drills attractive and ran with it, producing a small and super-lightweight cordless drill which is still capable of going through wood, masonry and metal. For the professional or the enthusiastic amateur, this is a convenient and versatile option which is well worth checking out.

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