Britax USA Marathon Click Tight Convertible Car Seat, Verve

The Britax USA Marathon Click Tight Convertible Car Seat makes installation with a seat belt in a smaller car easy and quick. You simply lift up the seat from the base, guide the seat belt through the appropriate notches and then put the seat back down, clicking it into place. You can also install this convertible car seat using the LATCH anchor system. This car seat is suitable for babies weighing 5lbs whilst in the rear-facing position and 20lbs upwards in the forward-facing position.

Safety features include a reinforced steel frame and SafeCell Impact Protection that is designed to keep baby safe in the event of a side impact collision. The energy absorbing base also compresses to help reduce the force of an impact, thus reducing the risk of injury to your little one. There are impact absorbing chest pads and a one-handed harness adjust clip. This car seat has even been approved for use on airplanes.

With seven recline positions and a level indicator that lets you see easily, at a glance, that the car seat is installed correctly, you can be sure of a safe yet comfortable ride for your baby.

This convertible car seat measures 18.5-inches at its widest point, 23.5-inches high and 23-inches deep. It weighs 28.5lbs.

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