Broil King Crown 20

British manufacturer Broil King specialize in grilling and broiling, and the Crown 20 is very much a specialist product. It’s a built-in grill, meaning it needs to be built into or fixed on top of a base: while this will be unappealing to anyone who wants a grill that’s ready to go out of the box, it has real upsides.

One is price: the Crown 20 is still not an inexpensive grill, but it costs a lot less than similarly heavy-duty items that come with their own trolley or cabinet base. The other is durability: grills which are built to be mobile will sometimes prioritize portability over longevity, a compromise built-in grills don’t have to make.

If you want to get serious about grilling and aren’t planning on relocating any time soon, a built-in natural gas grill is worth considering; and for the price, the Broil King Crown 20 is one of the best around. With a Super 8 Infinity burner giving total heat distribution at the touch of a button, and 635 square inches of cooking surface allowing you to cater even for large gatherings, this is a grill that will almost certainly meet your needs.

From the Perma-Mold drop-down side shelves, to the heavy-duty cast iron cooking grates, to the Therma-Cast aluminum hood which keeps heat in when you’re broiling, the Crown 20 is a high-end and feature-packed outdoor cooking device which should last you for many years to come.

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