Broil King Signet 390

Broil King are a UK-based brand specializing in barbecue grills and related products. The Signet 390 is one of their most popular products, and is available at a midrange price point – not cheap enough to be mistaken for an entry-level product, but not expensive enough to qualify as a luxury one.

The Signet 390 is an impressively competent hooded natural gas grill, coming packed to the rafters with features and patented Broil King technology. One thing to note is that this is on the smaller side as far as trolley-style outdoor grills go, with around 386 square inches of cooking surface in total: that’ll be more than enough for most people, but anyone who goes big at cookouts might be better off looking elsewhere.

If the Signet 390 is big enough for your needs, you can feel confident when it comes to value for money: Dual-Tube burners, Flav-R-Wave strips, Sure-Lite ignition, Accu-Temp thermometers and Cool-To-The-Touch handles – Broil King rule when it comes to grilling technology, and the Signet 390 doesn’t disappoint.

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