Camplux BW422

Camplux are a Chinese manufacturer who make and sell a wide range of outdoor and home appliances.

The 16L Camplux BW422 is a simple non-condensing unit, available at a budget price point, which nonetheless manages to hit some impressive targets. It’s worth noting that this heater is intended for use outdoors – like at a campsite – and can be rigged up to work as a self-contained shower unit. Camplux have even taken the step of including a shower hose and adjustable shower head, meaning it’s ready for use just as soon as it’s set up.

This is a much easier model to install than most natural gas tankless water heaters: simply hook it up to the hot water and you can run the unit on batteries! With a maximum flow rate of just 4.22 GPM, this Camplux heater may not be the most reliable solution for home water heating, but considering the price – and the fact that it still hits an energy factor of 88.5%, more than many non-condensing tankless heaters – this is an impressive and versatile unit that’s well worth considering.

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