Cuisinart DSA-11 Dishwasher Safe Hard-Anodized 11-Piece Cookware Set

Cuisinart are an American manufacturer well-known for their range of cookware and kitchen appliances. The DSA-11 is one of the newest sets of their trademark dishwasher safe hard-coat anodized aluminum cookware, and it boasts a host of Cuisinart’s proprietary technology.

The Eternal non-stick cooking surface on this hard-coat anodized aluminum cookware is claimed to be the world’s longest-lasting non-stick coating, so the DSA-11 should serve you well for years to come. The glass lids make monitoring soups and sauces a breeze, while the ergonomic stainless steel handles are designed to remain cool and make the cookware easy to carry.

The DSA-11 cookware set is available at a midrange price point, making it a great starter set or just a solid option for anyone looking to expand their options in the kitchen. The 11 pieces include saucepans and skillets, as well as multiple sauté pans and a stock pot: Cuisinart may not have included anything fancy with the DSA-11, but what’s there is dishwasher safe cookware that’ll get the job done.

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