Danby DCF038A1WDB1

The Danby DCF038A1WDB1 has a simple, clean finish that will look great in any garage.

The compact design provides maximum storage potential whilst allowing the freezer to fit into tight spaces. The interior is designed to be rust-free and is insulated using environmentally-friendly foam insulation.

You have maximum control over the temperature of your freezer thanks to the adjustable, dial-based thermostat located at the bottom front of the unit.

The power light also lets you know immediately if your freezer has stopped working, which is useful in a power cut or other mechanical failure.

The storage basket allows you to keep delicate or regularly used food items within easy reach, whilst the easy to clean interior ensures that any messes can be cleared up quickly and without any fuss.

Defrosting your freezer is made simple thanks to the drainage plug located in the bottom of the unit, thus preventing the need to tip your freezer to empty it of the melted frost.


This freezer measures roughly 24.9 inches wide, 22.1 inches deep and 33 inches tall with the lid closed. It weighs approximately 70 lbs and has a capacity of 3.8 cubic feet.

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