Della Chest Freezer

The Della Upright Chest Freezer provides 6.9 cubic feet of storage space for your frozen food items.

There is a raised section inside the unit that is ideal for neat storage of boxed goods or foodstuffs that are in plastic containers.

A storage basket also helps to keep everything organised and the easy clean interior ensures that mess can be dealt with without any hassle.

The compact size of this chest freezer makes it ideal for small spaces in garages. It has an adjustable thermostat that has seven settings, thus providing maximum control of the temperature.

The power light and the compressor “run” light allow you to easily see if your chest freezer is running properly and if there are any issues.


This chest freezer measures about 29.5 inches wide, 22 inches deep and 32.75 inches tall with the lid closed. It weighs approximately 89 lbs and has a capacity of 6.9 cubic feet.

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