Eccotemp i12-NG

Eccotemp are a relatively young name in the water heater market, but the i12-NG is an effort to remedy that. This non-condensing natural gas tankless water heater certainly stands out: the black gorilla glass its case is made from looks cool and eye-catching, especially amidst a field of white appliances. The aesthetic is only enhanced by the blue lighting of the digital display, where you can control temperatures precisely to get water as you want it.

The i12-NG is undeniably a better option for smaller homes: with a maximum GPM of 3, you’ll only reliably get steady hot water from a single draw point, which still leaves it as a good option for apartment owners and people living on their own.

The energy factor of 79% may be a little underwhelming for anyone looking to upgrade from a storage tank water heater, but importantly Eccotemp aren’t asking the price of a more powerful machine: the i12-NG is available at a very low price compared to its competition on the non-condensing heater market, so if 3 GPM sounds like a good enough flow rate for you this is a heater worth checking out.

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