Faulkner 49596 Dakota Rocking Chair

One complaint some consumers have leveled at foldable rocking chairs is how flimsy they are, relative to their sturdier non-portable cousins. With the Dakota Rocking Chair, Faulkner have set out to counter that criticism by producing a remarkably robust and sturdy folding outdoor rocker.

Quick and easy to set up, the Dakota Rocking Chair has a frame of sturdy steel tubing which can take a maximum weight of 300 lbs – considerably more than most portable rocking chairs.

It isn’t only the frame that’s thick, however: the 600-denier polyester used for the seat and back of the chair is incredibly soft and comfortable, meaning the Dakota Rocking Chair is a portable rocker that feels a lot like one of its non-portable relations.

It even looks good, especially in comparison to the utilitarian design featured on most portable rocking chairs: with a central black column surrounded by either blue or red depending on your choice, Faulkner’s offering might not be the best choice to brighten up your porch but it’ll certainly brighten up any campsite.

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