Fisher-Price Woodland Friends 3-in-1 Musical Mobile

The Fisher-Price Woodland Friends 3-in-1 Musical Mobile is a great option to engage and calm your baby. This versatile mobile can be converted to a standalone music toy when your baby outgrows his/her crib.

There are four different toys on this Fisher-Price mobile; an owl, a fox, a bear, and a raccoon. These beautiful toys can quickly become best buddies with your child. The owl is not only a toy but also serves as the music box. The owl can be attached to your baby’s stroller. It gets activated automatically and plays happy tunes when your baby is on-the-go. Alternatively, you can press the blue button on its belly to have it start playing music. The familiar, friendly face of the toy will keep your child feeling happy and composed in public. You can adjust the sound of the music so that it is not too loud and becomes a nuisance.

The Fisher-Price Woodland Friends 3-in-1 Musical Mobile is a motorized device. The toys spin around to keep your child entertained. You can get up to 20 minutes of non-stop music from this mobile. Sometimes the spinning of the toys stops, but the music continues. This design reduces visual stimulation and is particularly useful when you want to put your baby to sleep. If you want the music to play for up to 20 minutes, the owl must be mounted on the stick. The baby mobile runs on three size ‘AA’ batteries. You can get it on Amazon for only $22. This is a $3.78 discount off the original price of $25.99.

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