Greenworks 25302

Greenworks make hard-wearing and hard-working outdoor power tools for everyone from the professional to the casual amateur, with the Greenworks 25302 sitting somewhere in the middle. It’s unmistakeably a Greenworks product, bearing their trademark green-and-black design and looking professional and ready to work.

Making use of a 40V Lithium-ion battery, this is competitively priced for a cordless lawn mower. If you’re looking for a cordless mulching lawn mower, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something that’s both cheaper and higher-performing than this: with a 20” cutting deck with adjustable height, Smart Cut technology, two Lithium-ion batteries and 2-in-1 functionality, the Greenworks 25302 is a beast of a mower that will serve you and your garden well for years – if not decades – to come.

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