GrowthPic Musical Baby Crib Mobile

The GrowthPic Musical Baby Crib Mobile is a versatile mobile to buy for your little one. It comes with several features including a star projector, music, a foldable, arm, and rotating toys. The baby mobile was designed for use with a crib.  It comes with a clip arm that you can attach to a bar on your baby’s crib. However, the bar has to measure 1.1 inches for it to fit perfectly.

The GrowthPic baby mobile is made with environmentally-friendly materials. Three toys are hanging on the mobile, and they spin. The toys can be washed in water. They not only serve as toys but can be used as a rattle and teether. However, you have to sterilize the toys before you allow your baby to put it in his/her mouth. You can adjust the arm to three angles: 45 degrees, 60 degrees, and 160 degrees. Each angle will give your baby a different experience.

What makes the GrowthPic mobile really stand out is its music options. There are up to 30 melodies to choose from. You can select different modes for the songs to create the proper ambiance in your baby’s nursery. The options are happiness, nature, soothing, and piano music. Happiness mode works best for playtime while soothing and piano music is great when you want to put the baby to sleep. You can easily control the volume of the music to ensure it doesn’t get too loud for your child.

This baby mobile also comes with a soft projector light. It projects beautiful images of stars in different colors which will keep your baby entertained. You can choose to use two AA batteries for the mobile or plug it into a socket. You can get this baby mobile on Amazon for only $19.99.

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