Honda HRR216K9VKA

Honda Motor Company are a Japanese multinational known for making things that go fast. Automobiles, motorcycles and aircraft may be the most famous products with the Honda name attached, but they’ve been turning out high-end power equipment for decades, and their gas-fueled lawn mowers pack a serious punch.

The HRR216 is just one among many Honda gas mowers on offer, but like all of them it carries a hefty price tag: this is a mower for serious gardeners with serious gardens, and the price reflects as much.

Gas means power, and this is a powerful lawn mower: its Smart Drive system even takes the work of pushing it, with a variable speed setting of 0-4 mph and an automatic choke. Micro Cut twin blades improve both cutting and mulching, while the HRR216 itself can be configured for use as a mulching, bagging or rear discharge mower as your needs dictate.

With adjustable handles and cutting heights, this is a flexible option whatever your mowing needs. If your budget stretches far enough and you know you’ll make use of it, you owe it to yourself to consider a Honda.

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