Koolatron WC45

Koolatron are a brand who made their name with refrigerators but have since branched out into home and garden appliances more broadly. The WC45 certainly isn’t inexpensive, but it is a large cooler; compared to similarly-sized models, this is a relatively affordable option for a bar or a home wine enthusiast building a serious collection.

Like any wine cooler this size, it is a freestanding unit, and it’ll look sharp wherever you put it. A black and stainless steel body gives it a clean yet stylish appearance, and the simple wire rack shelving inside complements the overall layout nicely.

Unlike many dual zone wine coolers, this offering from Koolatron really lives up to the potential of the design: both zones have a temperature range of 41-64 Fahrenheit, allowing you to set the cooler up for any dual arrangement you care to think of.

If you’ve got a big enough collection, this Koolatron wine cooler might be what you’ve been looking for.

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