Lakeland Mills Log Rocking Chair

Lakeland Mills are known for outdoor and garden furniture, and for working with wood. The Log Rocking Chair is the culmination of both these things, being a traditional outdoor rocker built entirely from untreated cedar.

Both logs and planks are used in the construction of the Log Rocking Chair, giving it a bold yet timeless appearance which can fit into almost any arrangement of patio furniture.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because it’s made from untreated wood, this is a simply-made piece: all the planks used in the Log Rocking Chair have been specifically planed and contoured to produce an incredibly comfortable seat by any standards.

What’s equally impressive is the price: it’s a common (and usually correct) assumption that hardwood means high prices, but Lakeland Mills have gone out of their way to make this hardwood rocker surprisingly affordable.

The Log Rocking Chair is just one item in the Lakeland Mills range of log furniture, making it a great choice for the long-term which you can build a whole outdoor suite around.

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