Lion Premium Grills L75000

Lion Premium Grills, as the brand name suggests, make premium grills which are also seriously impressive, heavy-duty bits of kit. In fact, they advertise their L75000 as “the heaviest in its class”; which should give you some idea of the target market for this particular natural gas grill.

It’s a built-in model, so it’ll need to be fixed onto a custom base or installed in an outdoor kitchen – this is not the choice for anyone looking for a quick and simple grill. It’s not cheap, either: this is a commercial-grade outdoor grill with a price tag to match.

Assuming it’s within your price range, however, this is a hallmark product from Lion Premium Grills: its all-stainless-steel construction (including the cooking grates), commercial-grade burners and temperature dials, full-length lid handle, interior lighting and staggering 830 square inches of cooking surface all combine to create a grill that’s hard to fault.

It’s hard to deny that this is a heavy-duty grill for a heavy-duty griller, and it would be harder still to argue against anyone buying the L75000 – assuming, that is, that their wallet’s big enough.

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