Most Used by Professionals: Manfrotto 190

When it comes to professional photography equipment, Manfrotto are a name that’s a hallmark for quality. Nothing with the Manfrotto name attached is going to come cheap, but the name comes with the promise of a certain quality, and the 190 Carbon Fiber 4-Section Camera Tripod is no exception.

Designed with professionals in mind, the tripod has 4-section extending legs with spring-loaded lever action, quick lock and quick release mechanisms, and an integrated rotating spirit level that moves with you as you rotate your camera.

Each leg on the tripod is individually adjustable and detachable with the aid of an intuitive selector, and this foldable tripod even comes with a Manfrotto Easy Link plug for connecting to various Manfrotto accessories (LED lights for night photography, for example).

At 1.65 kg it might not be the lightest carbon fiber tripod on the market, but it’s light enough for most people to carry with ease. The maximum extension height of 1.6 m means you should have no trouble setting up this Manfrotto tripod, whatever shot you need.

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