Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile for Cribs

Manhattan Toy is an award-winning company that makes research-backed toys and baby mobiles. Instead of toys, this crib comes with high-contrast images and colors on cards. You will get ten interchangeable cards with each mobile which are labeled by age so you can choose the specific ones that fit your baby’s age. According to Manhattan Toy, the high-contrast patterns and colorful graphics on the card helps to develop your baby’s vision. It is recommended that you start with black and white cards, then switch to more colorful options as your baby grows. This is because before babies are three months old, they can barely see any color. Therefore, bold black and white images stand out more in their eyes.

The Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile is designed with adjustable cords. This allows you to control the distance of the card from your baby. The adjustable arm is particularly useful when your child begins to crawl around and reach for the card. One of the potential dangers with baby mobiles is that children can reach for them and put the toys in their mouth. However, with the adjustable cord on this mobile, you can avoid that from ever happening.

The Stim-Mobile has been around for up to three decades. So, when you buy this mobile, you know that you’re getting the benefit of years of research and experience. The company’s baby mobiles do not only support the development of your baby’s sight, but also his/her motor skills, self-awareness, pattern recognition, and more. You can get this Manhattan Toy baby mobile for only $24.99 on Amazon. The original price was $29.99, but it is selling at 17% off.

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