Mini Tudou Musical Baby Crib Mobile With Remote Control

This musical crib baby mobile from Mini Todou has a multi-functional design, and it even comes with a remote control as well as a projector.

The design of this baby mobile is very unique. The mobile is made of up of an arm and a UFO-like disc which serves as the central control unit. There are colorful attachments to the UFO-like structure with the toys hanging from it. There are four different pony toys on the mobile, and they are made of environmentally friendly materials. Although this baby mobile seems elaborate, it is not large.

Apart from the spinning toys and soothing music, two features make the Mini Tudou Musical Baby Crib Mobile stand out:

  1. It comes with an infrared remote control which allows you to turn the unit off/on and activate the projector light without being physically next to it.
  2. The UFO-like structure is the central control unit. It comes with different buttons for turning the device on/off, changing the song, activating the projector light, activating the rotation of the mobile as well as controlling the volume of the music.

This Mini Tudou baby crib mobile comes with up to 108 melodies. This means there are many music options to soothe your baby to fall asleep or keep him/her in a fun mood. Some songs in the selection include popular kids tunes like ‘Little Star,’ ‘Edelweiss,’ and ‘Song of Joy.’ You can skip to another song if you find that your baby does not like a particular tune.

The remote control is a very convenient addition to the unit because you do not have to walk to the crib whenever you want to lower the music – especially when your baby is asleep. The projector flashes stars on your ceiling or roof. It can shine light in different colors like blue, red, and green.

The mobile is built with a motor and is designed to move slowly to engage your child’s attention and help to develop his/her vision. The pole that supports the mobile can be rotated 360 degrees. This means you can turn it away when you want to reach for your baby in the crib and put it back in place when you want to entertain your child with the moving toys.

When your child outgrows mobiles (at about 5 months old when he/she starts reaching for it), you can just remove the mobile and leave the rest of the unit for your child to play with. You can get this Mini Tudou baby mobile for only $37.99 on Amazon.

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