Napoleon Triumph 495

Napoleon are known for producing high-end products for outdoor living, and one look at the price tag on the Triumph 495 with Side Burner confirms that this is a high-end product. Price alone is no guarantee of quality, of course; but Napoleon have gone out of their way to ensure that the Triumph 495 provides value for the serious investment they’re asking.

This is a hooded natural gas grill on a caster-wheeled trolley, with a stainless steel body and a black-painted lid; an unconventional take on a conventional look, which stands out in a crowd and can serve as the centerpiece for any patio or outdoor kitchen.

It doesn’t just look nice: a stainless steel body and burners sit under porcelain-enameled Wave grates (Napoleon’s own technology) which offer an impressive 665 square inches of cooking surface altogether.

Napoleon have designed the Triumph with portability in mind: not only are the caster wheels of unusually high quality, the attached side shelves can be folded away to ensure that this grill can fit into smaller spaces than the 56 inch width it occupies when fully extended.

Taken as a whole, Napoleon’s Triumph 495 is a natural gas grill that’s been well-made in every sense: it doesn’t reinvent the wheel and it’s not a budget option, but if it’s in your price range it’s an option you should seriously consider.

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