Best Cheap Tripod: Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod

Neewer may not be one of the best known names among photographers, but their Carbon Fiber Tripod is their attempt to change that.

The first thing you’ll notice about this tripod is the price: this is available at a truly budget price point when it comes to carbon fiber, making it well worth considering for anyone looking for their first carbon fiber tripod. As you might expect at such a low price, the Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod doesn’t do anything unique or innovative, but it has everything you could reasonably expect from an entry level tripod.

Its extending and lockable legs are comprised of two sections for flexibility, and are topped with a ball head with an integrated spirit level. This tripod even comes fitted with rubber feet to help balance the tripod and keep the carbon fiber from scratching.

Neewer package it along with a carry bag so you can fold it up and take it traveling with you. If value for money is your number one concern, Neewer’s Carbon Fiber Tripod has to make your shortlist.

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