Neiko Pro 20272B

Marketed in some quarters as a racing jack, Neiko Pro Tools USA have indeed produced an aluminum floor jack that would serve most racing enthusiasts well. This is partly down to the relatively low minimum clearance height of 3.75 inches, but also due to the raft of features included in this model.

Built from industrial-grade aluminum, the 20272B has a lift capacity of 3 tons and uses a dual plunger system to efficiently raise vehicles to a maximum lift height of 19.25 inches.

With a rubber-padded saddle, caster wheels and built-in safety valves, there’s little question that Neiko ran through the full floor jack checklist when they were designing this model.

It even looks like something you might see in a racing garage, with solid blue plates set against the clean aluminum of the main body and attractive curves giving the device a sleek, sharp look.

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