Palm Springs Outdoor Pizza Oven

One common complaint about portable outdoor pizza ovens is a lack of head space, making it difficult to use the oven for cooking tasks besides baking pizza. If you only plan on using your pizza oven for pizza that won’t be a problem, but one of the biggest strengths of a good outdoor oven is their versatility, and poor head space seriously impacts on that flexibility.

Palm Springs’ Outdoor Pizza Oven is an answer to this complaint, being a gas-fueled outdoor pizza oven that’s both portable – with its integrated trolley and caster wheels – and versatile, with more than enough head space for roasting, baking and grilling.

The Outdoor Pizza Oven even comes complete with both a pizza stone and a cooking grate, allowing you to customise it to meet your cooking needs.

What this outdoor pizza oven lacks in heat and speed – it can’t push much past 500 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning a thin pizza will take at least 15 minutes and won’t get as crispy as it would in a hotter oven – it makes up in flexibility, making this a great choice if you don’t already own a gas grill and are looking for an outdoor jack-of-all-trades.

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