Most Adjustable Tripod: Rangers Professional

The manufacturer Rangers claim this is a tripod fit for a professional photographer, and they’ve certainly gone out of their way to back that claim up.

The Professional Carbon Fiber Tripod has separately extendable legs and feet and at maximum extension can reach a height of 1.58 m – more than enough for almost any photographic task.

One leg is detachable if you want to switch from a tripod to a monopod, and the flexible ball head can be adjusted to pan left to right; great for video or panoramic shots.

This Rangers tripod is more expensive than other options on the market, but it also isn’t quite at the same high price point as most professional models, making it a reasonable choice if you’ve decided it’s time to up your photography game.

The Rangers Professional Carbon Fiber Tripod comes complete with a smart protective cover for the tripod head, a carry case with carry handle, and an underslung hook for attaching ballast.

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