Rheem RTG-64DVLN

Rheem are a well-known name when it comes to heating and cooling: they make water heaters and air conditioners for the office and for the domestic market.

The RTG-64 range is a series of low nitrous oxide tankless water heaters designed for continuous hot water use: the RTG-64DVLN is the direct-venting version for indoor installation, with the RTG-64XLN being a variant designed for installation outside.

Both RTG-64 heaters are non-condensing tankless water heaters, but they make clever use of Rheem technology to bring their performance closer to some condensing models. The water saving setting means you’ll get a reduced water flow until the heater’s brought it to your desired temperature, minimizing wastage and maximizing efficiency.

The overall energy factor is still 82% (not particularly impressive for non-condensing heaters), but Rheem’s low flow technology means the RTG-64DVLN and RTG-64XLN experience a much lower drop in efficiency when used in short bursts compared to other non-condensing models.

For everyday use around the home, the RTG-64 range should meet most people’s needs without difficulty; and if you want to heat somewhere bigger, up to 6 Rheem units can be connected using the EZ Link cable bundled with the heater.

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