Rinnai RUC98i

Rinnai are a Japanese manufacturer of high-end heating solutions, and with a long history and presence in the USA they’re a globally-trusted brand who are hard to beat.

The RUC98i is in Rinnai’s Ultra Series, designed to present homeowners and professionals with multiple options for ventilation setup out of the box. The flexibility this gives when installing the unit is not to be underestimated: even if you aren’t doing the installation yourself, the job will be quicker and easier (and therefore should cost you less).

This is not a cheap condensing natural gas tankless water heater, but it is one of the best examples of the type on the market today. An energy factor of 95% is thanks to dual high-end heat exchangers, with a maximum flow rate of 9.8 GPM allowing hot water to be drawn from 3 or even 4 draw points simultaneously.

What’s more, Rinnai have pulled out all the stops for convenience: the RUC98i is smaller than a regular suitcase, giving it a tiny footprint compared to the competition and helping you make the most of the space in your property.

For a high-performing natural gas tankless water heater, the RUC98i is hard to beat: the only question left to ask is whether you’re willing and able to pay the asking price.

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