Best Mini Tripod: Sirui T-025X

The Sirui T-025X Carbon Fiber Tripod stands out as a contender for the smallest and lightest tripod on the photography market. When fully folded, this tripod is 31 cm in length, and it weighs a barely-noticeable 770 g. This is despite having a maximum extension height of 1.68 m – more than many tripods weighing at least twice as much.

If portability is your primary concern, the T-025X has to be one of your top considerations. Naturally, such a radically low weight does have an effect on stability, but Sirui have planned ahead and fitted this tripod with an underslung for attaching ballast.

If you need to set up for something where you’re going to stay in place a while – panoramic or time-lapse shots, for example – you can attach ballast to this tripod’s hook, to make it as rigid as many larger (and more expensive) models.

Regarding price, this is somewhere between the entry-level and professional models: for photographers on the move, whether amateur or professional, the T-025X is one of lightest and most portable money can buy.

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