Sun Joe MJ408E

Sun Joe are one half of a company – alongside Snow Joe – which designs and develops innovative but affordable outdoor tools, with the aim of keeping your home and garden looking fresh whatever the weather.

The MJ408E is a corded mower, which means it suffers the usual drawback of being awkward to maneuver, but the price is right and the flexibility on offer with this electric lawn mower makes it an option worth considering.

The 12 Amp motor advertised in the product’s name is more than fit for purpose (unless you plan on mowing any country estates), while a 20” cutting deck and 7-position height adjustment are meatier than what’s on offer in a number of more expensive models.

Sun Joe take care to emphasize the environmental benefits of sticking with a corded mower, too: if you’d like to avoid the pollution and noise of gas-fueled mowers, the MJ408E might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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