Sunex 6603ASJ

Sunex Tools are a known name in automobile maintenance and repair, and their 6603ASJ 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack is a strong offering in a competitive field, packed to the brim with innovative technology.

With the Sunex Rapid Rise system, the jack can be pumped to full extension in less than 8 pumps, and the wide-track caster wheels on the jack’s trolley make getting the 6603ASJ in position an easy task.

Everything else you’d expect from a good aluminum floor jack – especially one at the top end of the price scale, as the 6603ASJ is – is present and correct, from positioning handles to rubber and foam padding to reinforcement in the form of side plates.

Sunex Tools have even included a seal around the hydraulic system, protecting it from contaminants and ensuring its longevity. In short, this is one of the longest-lasting aluminum floor jacks on the market, whether you’re an amateur mechanic or a garage owner.

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