Tortuga Air Travel Backpack

Tortuga are known for making stylish travel gear and accessories: this is an expensive travel backpack, bearing the Tortuga name as it does, but it does offer something most other travel backpacks don’t – the organizational capability of a suitcase, twinned with the convenience of a backpack. This is achieved by marrying a stiff back to a zippered front opening, so the Air Travel Backpack can be placed on its back and packed or unpacked as if it were a conventional suitcase. Compared to rooting around in the bottom of a duffel bag, this is a major victory for convenience; and the option to use the Air Travel’s expansion zipper to expand the capacity of the backpack by up to 30% is even more useful when it’s time to get packing. Made from 100% nylon, the Air Travel Backpack is waterproof and lightweight; but it has to be said that, for an expensive backpack from a luxury brand, this is not an eye-catching or attractive bag. Large plastic buckles against black nylon creates the impression that this backpack is anything but luxury: the Air Travel itself is a quality travel backpack which offers plenty in the way of convenience, but it doesn’t look like a bag which justifies its price tag.

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