Travelpro Maxlite3

Travelpro are a no-nonsense brand who make no-nonsense, high quality luggage and accessories.

They’re popular with business travellers, which is a good benchmark for quality and durability. The Maxlite3 International Spinner is a wheeled, trolley-style piece of carry-on luggage made from waterproofed polyester.

Like most wheeled luggage, the Maxlite3 has an extendable aluminium handle, and it also comes with cushioned carry handles on each side if you need to pick it up.

Size-wise, it’s 23.6 inches tall, 16 inches wide and 11 inches deep, and unloaded it weighs in at under 9 pounds, making this a lightweight piece of luggage given its storage capacity.

The Maxlite3 is available in black, grey, blue, purple and merlot.

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