VTech Magic Star Learning Table

Suitable from 6 months of age, the VTech Magic Star Learning Table will keep your baby amused with the six different play areas, including a steering wheel that makes realistic car noises and drives the teddy bear around the alphabet.

There is an interactive xylophone that teaches basic colours, shapes and early music skills, whilst the interactive toy phone teaches numbers and early conversational skills.

The page in the book can be flipped to let your baby listen to different nursery rhymes, including ‘Yankee Doodle’ and ‘The Alphabet Song’.

The removable legs allow you to use this activity table in a variety of ways regardless of your baby’s developmental stage.

The bright colours and noises will keep your baby engaged, whilst the volume control lets you decide how loud your baby’s interactions are.

The language selector gives far greater control over when you introduce your little one to another language, unlike some activity tables that just randomly insert different languages into a baby’s play.

The VTech Magic Star Learning Table also has automatic power down, which means that it switches off after 45 seconds of not being used, in order to save battery power.


This activity table measures roughly 14.9 inches tall, 19.8 inches wide and 16.8 inches long with the legs attached. It is battery operated, requiring 2 x AA batteries. It also requires some self-assembly.

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