WinFun Letter Train and Piano Activity Table

The WinFun Letter Train and Piano Activity Table will help to teach your baby their alphabet and expose them to early language recognition.

The train and train track that are located in the centre of the table have the alphabet very clearly printed on the track. As the train is moved around the track, it trips the little nodules that then play the alphabet song.

In the centre of the track are interactive shapes that teach your baby the name of each shape, the colour of each shape and also the name and sound made by the animal that is on each shape.

The piano exposes your baby to realistic electronic keyboard sounds and allows them to get creative with making their own music. The colourful flowers can also be pushed down to play interesting tunes.

A volume switch allows you greater control over the level of sound that is made during play time and some of the toys can even be played with whilst the table is switched off.


This activity table measures approximately 16.5 inches long, 14.8 inches wide and 13.3 inches high with the legs attached. It weighs roughly 4.7 lbs and is battery-operated, requiring 3 x AA size batteries. Some basic self-assembly is required.

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