Best Lightweight Travel Tripod: XCSOURCE Q-666C

XCSOURCE are a China-based manufacturer who are targeting the mass market with the Q-666C. This is a basic but functional carbon fiber tripod with extendable and foldable legs, an adjustable ball head and a center column. The center column is not itself detachable, but one leg can be removed to serve as a rudimentary monopod if you need additional mobility.

Impressively for a budget offering, the Q-666C comes packaged with a good-quality carry case and a separate protective cover for the tripod head, which are not always included, even with the more expensive models.

If you’re a professional photographer, you probably already know that this XCSOURCE offering probably isn’t for you; but if you want an affordable carbon fiber tripod to take traveling or on vacation, the Q-666C is worth a look.

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