Best Tripod for DSLR Video: Zomei Z818C

Chinese manufacturer Zomei make a wide range of photography equipment, and the Z818C is one of their midrange carbon fiber tripods.

With individually adjustable 5-section legs, a fully flexible ball tripod head and a quick release system, complete with a safety catch, it’s got all the essential features you should look for in a carbon fiber tripod.

The legs themselves are fitted with dampeners, allowing the tripod to adjust itself to the weight of your camera setup once attached. Like most modern tripods, one leg is detachable if you need the added mobility using a monopod brings, while the integrated spirit level helps when it comes to setting your tripod up on an uneven surface.

Zomei have thrown in a hex key and a cover for the tripod head with the Z818C, so they certainly can’t be accused of not providing value for money.

This tripod has even got an attractive and unusual look, being finished in an appealing metallic blue. If you like your photography equipment to look professionally serious, this won’t be a positive; but the Z818C is still a solid offering at a reasonable price.

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