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The Best Dishwasher Safe Knife Set for Your Kitchen

It’s time to grab something to eat. Don’t want to go out for a meal? Your home kitchen then becomes the only other option. But wait… You ought to buy a new knife set and you haven’t got down to it yet because you don’t even know how to go about researching the best option there is. What if you found someone kind enough to give you an unbeatable solution to your research problem?

In this article, we will walk you through the decision process of buying the best dishwasher safe knife set that will serve you for longer than you can remember. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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NameTYPEOur Rating
Stainless Steel Knife Set by Home Hero17 Piece9.8/10
Cuisinart C77SS-15PK Hollow Handle Block Set15 Piece9.6/10
Calphalon Classic Self-Sharpening Cutlery Knife Block Set15 Piece9.5/10
Ginsu KIS-KB-DS-014-4 Kiso Dishwasher Safe Set Black Block14 Piece9.2/10
Cangshan S1 Series German Steel Forged Knife Block Set6 Piece9.2/10
Wanbasion Kitchen Dishwasher Safe Stainless Steel Knife Set16 Piece9/10
Cambridge Silversmiths Nero Cutlery Stainless Steel Set with Block12 Piece9/10
Ginsu Kiso Dishwasher Safe Black Set Natural Block14 Piece8.5/10

1. Stainless Steel Knife Set with Block 17 Piece Set Kitchen Knives by Home Hero

At the top of our list is the 17-piece stainless steel kitchen knives set by Home Hero. This set has a 9.8 out of 10 rating on Joyoushousehold.


  • The transparent acrylic holding block saves you time as it enables you to easily draw the exact knife you need so you don’t have to keep picking and returning knives until you fish out the right one.
  • This knife set comes in color black, which is a plus for ambiance in the kitchen because black blends well with most other colors.
  • The description for this set includes a request to customers to reach out to Home Hero via Amazon in case they have any issues or questions about the set.
  • Talk of having the customer at heart! Knives coated with non-stick paint so they are easier to clean.

In this amazing 17-piece knife set are 13 professional knives, a peeler, kitchen scissors, and a two-step knife sharpener with the first one suitable for overly blunt knives while the second part is for fine-tuning your knife to the ready-to-use status.

Given its excellent features and rating, this kitchen knife set by Home Hero promises to turn you into a hero chef right in your home. Grace your kitchen.

2. Cuisinart C77SS-15PK 15-Piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Set

Another dishwasher safe knife set, this masterpiece by Cuisinart has a high rating.


  • The handles are all hollow, which makes them lightweight and hence easy to use for slicing and cutting.
  • The handles are also comfortable to hold since they are ergonomically designed to reduce the strain on your hands especially if you are to use them for a long time.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty and dishwasher safe guarantee.
  • Has a durable bolster for maximum control and stability.

The set includes a sharpening steel, santoku knife, paring knife, kitchen shears, chef knife, serrated utility knife, bird’s beak paring knife, slicing knife, and a holding block into which all these pieces go.

If you are looking for a high carbon stainless steel knife set designed for your comfort and ease of use because of lightness, then the Cuisinart C77SS-15PK is a perfect fit for you.

3. Calphalon Classic Self-Sharpening 15-Pc Cutlery Knife Block Set


  • Comes with a knife block that has inbuilt ceramic sharpeners that sharpen the knife blades whenever you draw or replace them.
  • Since the knife block is opaque, they label the ends of the kitchen knife handles to make it easy for you to identify them.
  • If you are on a tight budget, this set allows you to make a purchase out of 3 options for a 6-piece, 12-piece, and the complete 15-piece set. The reduced piece sets come at a lower price.
  • Comes with a fulltime life warranty.

The set features 8 steak knives made of stamped steel. The blades of the kitchen knives are rust resistant as they are made of high carbon stainless steel. The handles have contours to provide a firmer grip.

The Calphalon classic knife set is an amazing solution if you would like to take fewer pieces that you won’t ever have to sharpen, thanks to the self-sharpening ceramic enhancement. And who wouldn’t want a knife set that they won’t have to keep sharpening repeatedly?

4. Ginsu KIS-KB-DS-014-4 Kiso Dishwasher Safe 14 Piece Set Black Block

This black dishwasher safe knife set from Ginsu has a rating of 9.2 out of 10 on Joyoushousehold.


  • Its black color means this safe knife set blends in with any other shades in your kitchen. Ginsu polishes the blades to a mirror finishing, which makes them dishwasher safe.
  • All the knives in this set have the characteristic patented Ginsu serration that ensures they remain always sharp. You won’t have to worry about your knives going blunt.
  • It also ensures chopping, dicing, and slicing is as easy as counting 1 2 3 as you dance to the rhythm of the spontaneous cuts.
  • The handles have triple riveting to firmly secure each blade.
  • All the blades are polished to a mirror finish, making the knives dishwasher safe.

Into the easy-to-clean black wood holding block goes 6 steak knives, household shears, a boning knife, paring knife, chef knife, santoku knife, slicer knife, and utility knife.

Despite the pleasant features of this knife set, there is no mention of any labeling on the pieces. This means you will spend more time drawing and replacing them to select the perfect one for the specific kitchen activity you wish to undertake. Or perhaps you might have to do the labeling yourself to ease up the identification process.

5. Cangshan S1 Series 59663 6-Piece German Steel Forged Knife Block Set

This German knife block set is a more premium option but is one of the highest quality knife sets on our list.


  • Approved by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).
  • This set has both the knives and wood block expertly crafted by the hand.
  • The sharpening is done by experienced bladesmiths to give the knives a lasting sharp edge.
  • Passed through Ultra6 heat treatment for purity and refinement.

The knives are made from high-alloy German steel that is highly resistant to stains. Each knife has an ergonomic handle to ensure a comfortable hand grip when working with it. The wedge-shaped wood block aesthetically blends well with the knives because of its tapering and cutting edge appearance that mimics the shape of the knives.

If white is the color of purity and cleanliness for you, the Cangshan S1 series stainless steel knives are for you. Mentioning the set as the 2017 Houseware Design Award finalist gives these German steel knives more credibility for design that marries well with beauty and offers both a Western and Eastern touch for that borderless feel. A graceful kitchen without borders!

6. Wanbasion 16 Piece Kitchen Dishwasher Safe Stainless Steel Knife Set


  • The acrylic knife block is transparent, so it is easy to identify and draw any knife from the set.
  • The bright blue color of the set makes it easy to spot them in the kitchen because of the enhanced visual appeal.
  • The knife set and block are corrosion and scratch-resistant as they are made of blue titanium coating. You won’t have to worry about any paint peeling off and giving your knife set a haggard, we-need-patching look.
  • These steel knives are also resistant to stains and rust. You are assured of durability of the knives since, by their design, they are flexible and hard to break by bending.

To add juice to the new precision edge technology that ensures a lasting sharp edge, this dishwasher safe knife set comes with its own sharpener. Your slicing, chopping, and cutting will always be easy with the consistent sharpening of the blades.

If bright colors are a plus for you, this knife set will be a perfect choice.

7. Cambridge Silversmiths Nero Cutlery 12-piece Stainless Steel Set with Block


  • These titanium-coated carbon steel knives are highly durable and have a long-lasting edge because of the titanium touch.
  • The stainless steel extends to the handle as well to ensure the entire knife is free from rust and stains.
  • Washing the knives in this set is easy because of the extension of the stainless steel to the handle, as opposed to the blade only.
  • The ash wood block matches well with the knives since even though they are made of different colors, they are all subtle and non-shouting.

This cutlery jewel comes with a 6-piece steak knife set, and a bread knife which some kitchen knife block sets do not have.

The Cambridge Silversmiths Nero cutlery set is a perfect choice for you if you love subtlety in color. The ashwood coloring on the block and the grey and black matte finish on the knives produce a gentle mix of color that will give your kitchen a humble feel in an otherwise brightly colored world.

8. Ginsu Kiso Dishwasher Safe Black 14 Piece Set Natural Block

We wind up this list with this cutlery item from Ginsu with a solid rating and great option if you’re on a budget.


  • It has triple-riveting to secure the blade more firmly within the composite handle.
  • This knife block set has a two-step natural wood block such that you will be able to arrange your knives into two distinct groups for easy drawing and replacing.
  • Patented Ginsu serration that ensures your premium knives remain ever sharp.
  • The blades are polished to a mirror finish, making them dishwasher safe.

Like its sister cutlery, the Ginsu KIS-KB-DS-014-4 Kiso Dishwasher Safe 14 Piece Set Black Block, this knife block does not include a bread knife. It also doesn’t make any mention of labeling on the knives to make it easy to identify them. Nevertheless, these two Ginsu products are worth your consideration.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Dishwasher Safe Knife Set for Your Kitchen

Before you buy the best dishwasher safe knife set for your kitchen, here are some key factors to consider:

Price. Your budget will highly influence your choice of knife block set. If you are on a tight one, you will want to go for the lower cost sets. With a freer budget, you can comfortably go for the more pricey cutlery. Determine exactly how much you would like to spend in total to buy the set and have it delivered to you.

The number of pieces you actually require. The number of pieces in each safe knife set differs depending on the manufacturer. Some sets as we observed above do not include some pieces like it is the scenario with Ginsu which doesn’t have the bread knife. Consider the number in each knife block and the type of pieces in it so you buy the one with an optimum number, but all of which you will always use regularly.

The construction style. Stamped knives, just like any other item made by this mass production method, sometimes comes with some flaws that compromise quality. Forged cutlery is made by hand and thus comes out with greater quality because the maker concentrates on each piece at a time. Forged knives will therefore last longer and be more expensive than stamped ones.

The material used to make the handle and blade. Knife handles made of wood are not suitable for dishwashers because the high heat will rip the handle off. Of the three materials used to make knives (stainless steel, carbon stainless steel, and ceramic), stainless steel is the most suitable for dishwashers. Ceramic is brittle and prone to chipping and breaking because of the high heat.

The nature of the knife block. As observed earlier on, some blocks are more suitable than others. One very important feature of the block is transparency, which enables you to select knives easily if there is no labeling on them. You also have to select a knife set with a block that is easy to clean and dry, especially if it is wooden.

The color. This one comes last on the list because it is not really a major consideration, but if you look at food as creative imagination, adding a bit of color and pomp in the kitchen is welcome. Good food comes as a motivation just like cool colors are. See what color triggers pleasant emotions in you and go by it.

What Makes a Good Knife Set?


You judge a knife set not primarily by the number of pieces in it, but by the quality of the material used in making the knives. The best block knife sets are made of stainless steel which is dishwasher safe and does not rust. Carbon stainless steel rusts more easily and is not advisable to clean in a dishwasher and leave it wet. Ceramic knives are fragile and chip off easily and are thus not suitable for dishwasher cleaning.

Having 3 of the most important knives

A good knife block set will have these 3 most important knives: a chef’s knife, paring knife, and serrated knife.

A chef’s knife is an all-round tool in the kitchen for activities like slicing fruits, dicing vegetables, chopping meat, and emptying cook-ready ingredients from the cutting board into a bowl. It is the pride tool for the chef with which they can comfortably prepare an entire meal.

A paring knife is useful as a precision substitute for the chef knife since it is smaller than the chef knife. You can use it for tasks in which the chef knife feels too long to use comfortably, such as removing seeds from pepper and peeling apples.

A serrated knife is excellent for slicing through bread by sawing. It is usable as a replacement for the normal straight-edged knives to saw through kitchen ingredients like tomatoes that are tricky to work on because of their slippery surface. It first bites into the ingredient to provide a firm grip after which you can saw through it with reduced risk of hurting yourself or shredding the ingredients.

How to Use the Kitchen Knife Safely

Safety in the kitchen is of paramount importance as one wouldn’t enjoy the food when hurt as much as they would if they remained fully safe. As such, there is need to work with the kitchen knife safely by following these measures:

  • Handling the knife with the dominant hand. This will ensure stability in use so you won’t have any slips or slides that could injure other parts of your body.
  • Do not use your palm or slippery surfaces like glass plates as make-shift chopping boards.
  • Sharpen your kitchen knife regularly. A blunt knife will make you use a lot of force to cut things through. This is not only bad for your hands and chest. It could also put you at risk of injury if the knife slips off the ingredient you are cutting and lands on a part of your body.
  • Keep your knives clean all the time so they are free of mold, rust, and grease. You can’t hold a greasy knife securely as it will keep sliding off your hands. If you store your knife wet and it rusts, this rust may find its way to your food. It may also come into contact with your bloodstream in case you have an open wound.
  • Ensure your chopping board has a firm grip on the larger surface. If it keeps sliding as you work, you are at a higher risk of cutting yourself. Placing a damp cloth under the board is a good way to enhance its grip.
  • Never add any attachments to your knives such as strings or cords as swinging knives can easily get into unnoticeable positions where they could come into contact with your body.
  • Keep all knives away from within the reach of children.
  • Avoid putting knives into your kitchen coat pockets when you are not using them. You risk cutting yourself if you dip your hands in the pocket when you have forgotten there’s a knife in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are inexpensive knives worth sharpening?

It is worthwhile to sharpen inexpensive knives regularly. As we have seen shortly before, sharpening is not only a safety measure but also a way to make your kitchen work easier. You will save yourself a lot of arm and chest pains since with a sharpened knife as you will use lesser force to cut through ingredients.

Furthermore, it’s always less expensive to buy a sharpening stone than a new sharpened knife every time it gets blunt.

Are all knives dishwasher safe?

No. Stainless steel knives are usually dishwasher safe more unlike ceramic knives. To be dishwasher safe, knives need to be resistant to deformation by the high heat and detergents. This is achieved at the time of manufacturing by coating them with a resilient and highly polished surface.

Zwilling warns that although specially made steel knives are dishwasher safe, washing them this way reduces the retention of their cutting edge and lifespan. Also, high-end knives with wooden handles are not dishwasher safe because the high heat may rip off the handles.

Ceramic knives are at a higher risk of damage if cleaned in the dishwasher because they are very brittle and may chip off.

It is worth noting that when it comes to cleaning knives in the dishwasher, it is not the knife only that is at risk of damage. You risk damaging other cutlery too when the knife scratches them. They may also spoil the utensils bucket if placed facing downwards. Placing them facing upwards poses an injury risk to you as you dip your fingers into the dishwasher to draw out cutlery.

How often do I sharpen my knife?

Depending on how often you use the knife and the make of the blade, you may have to sharpen your knife two to three times a year. If you are using it daily, chances are higher that it will get blunt sooner than one that is used, say, three times a week. Ceramic knives retain sharpness over a long time and thus require little sharpening. On the sharpness retention scale, stainless steel knives stay sharp longer than carbon steel knives. You can use a stone or honing steel to make your knives sharper and only go for professional sharpening two to three times a year.

You will know it is time to sharpen your knife if you start using excessive force to cut through common ingredients. If the knife causes the ingredients to shred or have jagged edges after cutting, it’s time to sharpen it.

Is there a difference in the degree of sharpness between normal knives and dishwasher safe knives?

No. The two types are sharpened to a given acceptable degree of sharpness for ease of use and safety in the kitchen.

Well, here we are. You are now better placed to make an informed decision when buying the best dishwasher safe knife set for your kitchen. Now you can prepare your meals with ease using your safe knife set. Make them with love.

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