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The Best Earl Grey Tea: Top 4 Picks & Benefits

The ancient Art of Tea has been around for centuries, and covers everything from steeping tea to tea etiquette. At its heart, the foundation of the Art of Tea lies in the choosing of the tea. While the Art is not as widely practiced, the modern tea drinker will attest to the fact that the foundation has been maintained. In fact, it is more important than ever, considering just how many tea brands exist today. Tea enthusiasts are spoiled for choice when choosing brands but there are some that stand out from the rest. Earl Grey tea is one such brand.

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best earl grey tea brands out there!

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NameTYPEOur Rating
Art of Tea: Earl Grey teaLoose Leaf9.8/10
Twinings of London Earl Grey TeaLoose Leaf9.5/10
Vahdam Earl Grey TeaLoose Leaf9.2/10
Pique Earl Grey TeaCrystals9/10

The Best Earl Grey Tea Brands

1. Art of Tea: Earl Grey Tea

An award-winning brand, the Art of Tea’s Earl Grey tea is one of the best classic brands. The black tea is organically grown and hand-picked from Sri Lanka. The natural bergamot oil is blended to create a tea with a bold, well-balanced flavor. This brand hits all the right tones for a classic Earl Grey tea blend.


  • This brand uses natural ingredients
  • The taste, flavor and floral notes are well-balanced, if a bit bold
  • Loose leaves
  • Caffeinated


  • Maintains a classic bold flavor and floral tone
  • Works for both hot and iced tea
  • Doesn’t need additional sweeteners


  • Loses some of its flavor when taken with additives
  • Expensive
  • High caffeine content

2. Twinings of London Earl Grey Tea

In its history, it is noted that one of the possible origins if Earl Grey tea is Twinings of London. The tea may not be all that it could be but it has a rich history behind it. The tea’s flavor and aroma are low in intensity making it the perfect Earl Grey tea for a beginner. Although it lacks in intensity, the tea has a rich history behind it, which is part of the reason it is one of the best earl grey tea brands.


  • This brand uses natural ingredients
  • The flavor and aroma are mild
  • Loose leaves
  • Caffeinated


  • Great value for money
  • Doesn’t lose flavor or aroma when using additives
  • Works for both hot and iced tea
  • Mildly caffeinated


  • Too mild for those used to strong flavors. The tea is great for beginners to get an impression of the Earl Grey tea blend, but is too mild to be a regular choice for most tea enthusiasts

3. Vahdam Earl Grey Tea

Vahdam is made from Indian long tea leaf black tea blended with Italian bergamot flavor. The tea has a strong flavor and floral tones. It comes in a sealed back with a zipper for resealing. Unfortunately, while the tea has strong and therapeutic floral tones, they lack depth. Once prepared, the tea’s aroma carries the flavor but loses the fragrance, limiting the overall experience. The best feature of Vahdam Earl Grey Tea is that it lacks caffeine without stealing its flavor.


  • This brand uses natural ingredients, particularly those that are therapeutic
  • Non-caffeinated
  • Strong flavor and floral tones
  • Loose tea leaf
  • Comes sealed for freshness


  • Good value for money
  • The lack of caffeine content makes it the perfect tea blend for those with issues with caffeine
  • Therapeutic fragrance


  • Might be problematic to reseal, which makes it lose most of its freshness
  • The floral tones and flavor are imbalanced and lack depth

4. Pique Earl Grey Tea

Pique Earl Grey Tea is the best organic Earl Grey Tea in the market. It is rich in antioxidants and is ideal for most diets including keto and paleo diets. The tea has a bold flavor and rich aroma.


  • Made from natural and organic ingredients
  • Packaged as tea crystals (powder)
  • Rich citrus fruit flavor


  • This brand is organic, rich in antioxidants, and ideal for people with dietary needs
  • High value for money
  • Saves on time for preparation
  • Low caffeine content


  • The tea crystals lose most of the flavor when prepared
  • The tea blend is too imbalanced

What Makes Earl Grey Tea Unique?

Earl Grey tea, as you may have guessed, is named after Earl Grey – a UK political figure wo served in the mid-1800s. Earl Grey tea is one of the most popular tea brand in the world and is almost guaranteed to be served at any restaurant worth its salt in most cities. The tea is made from a combination of black tea and bergamot fruit – the citrus fruit responsible for its unique taste. However, what really makes Earl Grey tea stand out is how much variation exists within this brand. There is literally a flavor every taste bud.

As is always the case when the choices are numerous, it can get difficult to choose the best brand of Earl Grey tea. Lucky for you, this article covers everything you need to know when choosing the best Earl Grey tea brands to find one that, hopefully, suits your taste.

Benefits Of Earl Grey Tea

1. Boosts brain activity

Most caffeinated Earl Grey tea brands provide you with a boost in your mental faculties. These brands are ideal for improving your mood and state of alertness, making it ideal for situations where you experience a lull in either. However, despite the benefit, you should pay close attention to your health as too much caffeine can be detrimental.

2. A taste of culture

Earl Grey tea isn’t just a tea. It is part of a rich history and proof of culture. The tea blend is proof of the journey that tea has taken from the 1800s to now. More importantly, it shows the improvements made in the tea’s life and all the variations that came off it.

3. Improved oxidation

Most Earl Grey tea brands use natural and organic ingredients that have been proven to improve oxidation, the health benefits of which are plenty.

4. Improved metabolism

The citrus in the bergamot is known to improve metabolism, which reduces health risks and improves your immune system.

Considerations When Choosing Earl Grey Tea

Honestly, there are so many different choice blends of Earl Grey tea that it can get overwhelming when it comes to choosing just one. Keep in mind that this is a long-lived brand, and in the time that it has existed there have been hundreds of variations of the same. Therefore, the best we can offer as advise on how to choose a tea blend that agrees with you is a set of guidelines with which to narrow down your choices.

The Source of the Tea

Since black tea is a major component of Earl Grey tea, then logic dictates that its source affects the taste. Tea enthusiasts agree that the best black teas come from Sri Lanka and India, more specifically Darjeeling, Assam and the island of Ceylon. Using these areas as a starting point is a great way to narrow down your list of choices. However, and this is highly recommended, after you find your ideal tea blend, it would be great to consider other sources of black tea to broaden your horizons.

The Source of the Bergamot

It is a simple fact that the flavor in Earl Grey tea is affected by the choice of bergamot. As a consideration, you can use the bergamot flavor to nail down your best option among the hundreds of available blends. For instance, a simple choice of organic bergamot oil vs synthetic bergamot oil can affect the type of tea you choose.

The Flavor

There are thousands of flavors to experience within this brand, and that is a big part of why tea enthusiasts love it. Flavor is an important consideration to make when choosing a tea blend. However, considering the different possible combinations, the selection can be hard. Therefore, we recommend going from known to unknown. Do you like organic over synthetic flavors? Do you prefer mellow flavors or ones with a kick? Make a list of your preferences and use that to cross off different flavors until you find those that suit you best.

Caffeine content

Similar to green tea, black tea has a high caffeine content and that could affect how you take the tea. If your body doesn’t agree with a high caffeine content then you should make this a priority consideration. You could choose decaf Earl Grey tea but that takes away most of the flavor. Alternatively, you could go for a brand with low caffeine content in your considerations.


Earl Grey tea comes in three packages: tea bag, loose leaf tea, and powder. The preparation of tea takes time depending on the packaging. If you are pressed for time you should choose a brand that has either a tea bag or tea powder option. Unfortunately, both types take away in flavor what they save in time. Loose leaf tea is the ideal option for the avid tea drinker but they take a significantly longer time to prepare.


It can be tempting to stay in your comfort zone after finding a blend that suits you. However, that is honestly one of the worst decisions anyone can make when it comes to Earl Grey tea. Considering that there are hundreds of blends just waiting to be tasted, it would be a shame to just choose one and forget the rest. You should experiment with a variety of blends from time to time. You might find one that surprises you and redefines how you take your tea and other foods.

How to Take Your Tea

People can get quite vocal and opinionated when it comes to the topic of how best to take a tea. Honestly, it all boils down to preference. Some people will claim that it is best with milk while others will claim that milk dulls the flavor. At the end of the day, the question you should ask yourself is whether you like your tea with milk.

Nevertheless, there are thousands of recipes that you can try. There’s something for everyone. If there’s one thing we love about Earl Grey that is not often mentioned, it is its flexibility. You can take it with milk or without, as an iced tea, with some Vodka for flavor and about a thousand different ways and it will still be Earl Grey at its heart. So, don’t limit yourself to hard-coded preferences. Tea is meant to be enjoyed and Earl Grey can be the perfect way to do that.

Additionally, you should keep in mind that there are thousands of pairings you could take with Earl Grey. We advise that you choose the pairings depending on the tea. If the tea is too sweet, then choose a pairing that’s a little zesty or sour to balance the flavor.

The Takeaway

The art of tea has come a long way and it is still going strong. Earl Grey black tea is both a proof of concept and a showcase of the art. As a tea lover, we hope that you can now make informed decisions when choosing an Earl Grey brand and in how you take the tea.

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