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The Best Outdoor TV Mount for Your Patio

Outdoor TV installation is an excellent way to keep the masses happy. The masses can be anyone. Maybe it’s just you and the family in your backyard or maybe you own a restaurant with an open air section. From stadiums to theme parks and other types of businesses, having an outdoor TV is a great way to keep people entertained and close to the action.

You might be wondering: isn’t that kind of dangerous? You know, that whole water and electricity not mixing thing? Thankfully, there are TVs that are specifically designed for the outdoors. These are TVs that are specially designed to give you a better viewing experience and be safer than they indoor counterparts.

You might also be wondering why you can’t just drag you secondary or even primary TV out to the patio whenever you have guests over or want to spend the afternoon grilling and don’t want to miss the game or your favorite shows. The truth is that, you could do that but it would be a cumbersome and risky process every time. Imagine having to move the TV from its usual TV stand in the living room and finding a safe place to put it on the patio. Now imagine if it starts raining? What do you save first, your grill or your TV?

Another thing to consider is the fact that the kind of TVs you see on people’s patios or in open air restaurants are specifically designed for that purpose. They are engineered for outdoor display which means that they can fight off glare and have extra-bright panels which give you better picture quality even under natural light.

No, the solution isn’t to drag your indoor TV back and forth but to buy an outdoor television and have it mounted on your patio. Not only does that involve buying an outdoor TV but it also calls for buying an outdoor TV mount. And that is exactly what we are going to look into today – the best outdoor TV mounts for your patio.

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NameTYPEOur Rating
Kanto PDX650G Outdoor Articulating TV Wall MountFull Motion9.8/10
SunBriteTV Dual Arm Articulating Outdoor Weatherproof Mount (42 – 65 inch)Full Motion9.5/10
SunBriteTV Dual Arm Articulating Outdoor Weatherproof Mount (49 – 80 inch)Full Motion9.5/10
Mounting Dream TV MountFull Motion9/10
Rfiver Mobile TV Stand Rolling TV Cart with Tilt MountRolling Cart8.8/10
ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket Full Motion8.5/10
SunBriteTV Ceiling Tilt Mount for Large Outdoor TVs (37 – 80 inch)Ceiling Mount8/10
InstallerParts Lockable TV Wall MountFixed Swivel7.5/10

1. Kanto PDX650G Outdoor Articulating TV Wall Mount

This Kanto PDX650G Outdoor Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount was specifically designed for the outdoors. It features a galvanized stainless steel frame that is rust resistant. It is also powder-coated to keep it well protected against the increased wear and tear that comes with being exposed to the elements such as rain, snow and sunshine.

Because you probably have a lot of space on your patio, having a statically wall mounted TV might not be the best of ideas. That is why you need an outdoor TV mount like this one. It features two wishbone arms that offer maximum stability as well as a full motion of 21.8″. Depending on the size of your screen (this outdoor wall mount can support between 37″ to 75″ TVs), you can tilt it to up to 15° forward which allows you to improve line-of-sight and swivel it up to 80° left or right which allows to get better viewing direction.

As far as installation is concerned, this outdoor TV mount is quite easy to install. It comes with a conveniently labeled bolt box which provides you with all the hardware you would need for wood stud and concrete walls. It also comes with a 22″ dual stud wall plate that can accommodate 16″studs and has multiple lag bolt slots that ensure your TV is well positioned.

The only issue you might have with this outdoor TV mount is that it’s a little pricier than most other stands in its weight class. However, it more than makes up for that by bring a lot to the table. Once properly installed, this outdoor TV mount is safe and secure. It is designed with a solid steel frame that can support up to 125 pounds even when fully extended. This means that you can rest assured that your outdoor flat screen TV won’t be tipping over.


  • Specifically made for the outdoors, this TV mount is assembled using stainless steel mounting hardware that is galvanized and designed to withstand outdoor perils such as rust. It also features a powder-coated finish that goes a long way in protecting it against the increased natural wear and tear that come with being exposed to weather elements.
  • It offers maximum stability through two wishbone arms.
  • This full motion articulating outdoor TV mount can offer you an enjoyable 21.8″ of motion from the wall thus allowing to swivel the outdoor TV to a position of your liking.
  • It has a clean and practical appearance that will add positively to your outdoor decor.
  • It is easy to install.


2. SunBriteTV Dual Arm Articulating Outdoor Weatherproof Mount (42 – 65 inch)

*Also available in 49-80 inch here.

This SunBriteTV Dual Arm Articulating (Full Motion) Outdoor Weatherproof Mount is perfectly designed for outdoor TV mounting. Not only does it feature highly dependable and durable stainless steel framing but that frame is also coated in two layers of corrosion-resistant material to ensure that it doesn’t get rust and is weatherproof.

Other than that, it is designed to give you the ultimate outdoor TV experience. It offers you excellent tilt, swivel and extension options. It can be extended to a full length of 30″ from the wall and can swivel up to 180 degrees as well as swivel through -5/+15 degrees of tilt which means that with this outdoor TV mount, you get to a host of great viewing angle option for your viewing pleasure.

It is highly affordable and very well-constructed. This mount features a solid construction that can support up to 150 pounds and is designed for outdoor TVs that range between 37″ – 80″. Once mounted properly, your TV is up there to stay and you don’t need to worry about it falling off the wall because of rust or any other weather elements related wear and tear.

One of the best things about buying this SunBriteTV outdoor TV mount is that if you own one of the many, beautifully designed SunBriteTV outdoor TVs then you don’t have to make any modifications to the bracket.


  • Primed with a highly effective powder coating, two layers of corrosion-resistant coating and made out of stainless steel hardware, this is one of the most durable and outdoor-worthy TV mounts in the market.
  • It offers you excellent extension, tilt and swivel angles for a great viewing experience.
  • It features a solid construction that can not only support 37″ – 80″ TV screens but also up to 150 pounds of weight which means that your flat screen TV will be perfectly secure while hanging on your patio.
  • It is VESA compatible.


3. Mounting Dream TV Mount

The Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Mount Wall Bracket TV Wall Mounts is a highly robust option that allows you to mount your TV using wall studs that can go up to 24″ apart.

Made out of heavy-duty steel, this outdoor TV mount is both durable and resistant towards common forms of corrosion that come with being outside. It is finished off using a durable powder coat that keeps the elements from acting on it and preserves it for a very long time.

Additionally, the wall mount features a beautifully ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing design. Not only does it have a clean and tough looking way about it but it also features functionality within the design. It is easy to install and easy to adjust once the TV is mounted on thanks to the wide range of motion from which it gets part of its name “full motion”.

Not only is this an affordable option for the people who love sitting out on their patio and enjoying their viewing without breaking the bank but it also comes with excellent customer service support from the parent company.


  • The size capacity here is enormous. This bulky outdoor TV mount can take on between 42 and 75″ TV sets and carry a maximum weight of up to 132 pounds. That makes it a very sturdy and dependable unit for those who like to have a huge outdoor TV.
  • Incredible flexibility makes this one of the most convenient TV mounts in the market. The TV can move is every direction thanks to its +5°/-15° tilting function, +/- 3° rotation function and +/-45° swivel function. This means you can use to perfectly position your TV in a wide variety of convenient positions to ward off glare and provide you with excellent viewing when you are out on your patio.
  • Impressive extension capabilities make this wall mount quite effective. It has a display and extension function between 2.7 inch -18.5 inch.


4. Rfiver Mobile TV Stand Rolling TV Cart with Tilt Mount

Think about it for a second, what if you don’t want your outdoor TV mounted to your patio for whatever reason. Maybe you don’t want holes punched into your gorgeous stucco wall or you don’t trust your neighbors. Either way, that shouldn’t mean that you can’t revel in the beauty of having an outdoor TV or that you are now confined to the horrors of using your indoor TV outside every time you want to watch TV from your patio. All you have to do is get yourself a Rfiver Mobile TV Stand Rolling TV Cart with Tilt Mount.

It is quite simply the perfect solution. You can have your outdoor TV mounted on it and you can wheel that back and forth as need be. You don’t have to worry about your neighbors nor do you have to worry about your TV and stand getting corroded or destroyed by the elements since they will be residing indoors with you most of the time.

This outdoor rolling TV cart acts as a stand that can support both your TV and even laptop or gaming console. The stand itself is made out of sturdy steel that can take on a 37 – 80″ TV and support up to 110 pounds. It has an adjustable height function that allows you to move that TV to any desirable height. The best part is that it also has a metal tray shelf where you can put your gaming console or streaming devices. This tray shelf also has the height adjustability function for your convenience.

It has lockable wheels that allow for both easy movement of the TV stand as well as dependable stationery capability when needed. Furthermore, the stand has a wire management solution built into the rear column that makes it very easy for you to feed in your TV antenna, AV and power cords as well as all other cables for any additional devices you would like placed on the stand.


  • Mobile TV mount cart that can take on most TV screen sizes from 37 inches all the way to 80 inches.
  • It allows for height adjustment from 50″ to 72″ which makes it perfect for people who want optimal viewing heights.
  • It features stable and sturdy movement with lockable wheels that remain in place once you find the right location for your portable outdoor TV.
  • It’s made out of sturdy steel frame that can support up to 110 pounds ensuring that your TV is safe and secure when mounted and being wheeled around.


5. ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket

The ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket is by far one of the best TV wall mount options in the market today. Not only is it made out of sturdy galvanized steel material but it is also powder coated to protect it from the elements. This means that this outdoor TV mount won’t be rusting on you any time soon.

However, it’s not all about the kind of metal that the TV mount is made out of – it is also about whether or not it can get the job done and done well. When thinking of getting a TV for your outdoor space, you think about all the things that can go wrong and how to prevent them from happening. Take glare from the natural light for example. Without the right kind of angling, the glare from the sun will absolutely ruin your patio TV watching experience. That is why this wall mount offers you about 130 degrees of swivel room that allows you to find just the right spot for that TV screen.

What’s even better is the fact that this mount can extend up to 22″ from the wall and has a tilt function of 15 degrees down and 5 degrees up, further improving your ability to position the TV just right to ward off glare and improve your viewing advantage. It is easy to install and once it is secured to that wall bracket, it won’t easily come off except by the use of tools. You don’t have to worry about your TV falling off the wall for no good reason.


  • Strong enough to support huge TVs of up to 85″ this bracket can take on an incredible amount of weight up to 125 pounds making it one of the most secure and trustworthy outdoor TV mounts in the market.
  • Apart from securing your TV it also offers you a host of options as far as your viewing convenience is concerned. You can pull your TV out to 22″ from the wall and have about 130 degrees of swivel room at your disposal.
  • It is VESA compatible and designed to accommodate almost any pattern you can throw at it.
  • It works with almost all major TV brands giving a world of outdoor TV options.


6. SunBriteTV Ceiling Tilt Mount for Large Outdoor TVs (37 – 80 inch)

This SunBriteTV Ceiling Tilt Mount for 37″ – 80″ Large Outdoor TVs brings a whole different perspective to outdoor TV mounting. While for the most part, homeowners go for the fixed mounting on the wall, there are a few, very stylish individuals who go for the outdoor TV ceiling mounting because it’s different.

However, it is about more than just being different. It is also about practicality. As much as you might have a huge outdoor space, there is something to be said about using your space intelligently. When you hang you TV from the ceiling, you can hang something else on the walls instead. Maybe some of your best, weatherproofed art?

This ceiling mount comes with a standard 18-inch fixed pole that supports the TV. The fact that it can support up to 175 pounds makes it perfect for those who love huge TVs. Designed to take on anything between 37″ – 80″ large outdoor TVs, this is the kind of mount you get when you want a massive TV in your outdoor kitchen or space.

Featuring flat panel mounts, this mount is all about strength and integrity. SunBriteTV is a highly reputable brand synonymous with good quality products and this outdoor ceiling TV mount absolutely lives up to that tradition.


  • A beautifully black weatherproof outdoor ceiling mount made out of solid steel and touches of aluminum making it one of the sturdiest mounts for TVs in an outdoor kitchen.
  • Fully primed with a highly dependable powder coating, this mount is designed to withstand the elements. It also has two layers of corrosion-resistant coating that is durable and scratch-resistant enough to make it one of the best looking mounts in the market.
  • The fact that it is made out of stainless steel and coated in all this protective material means that this outdoor ceiling mount will never give you a reason to worry about rust.
  • Designed to support up to 175 pounds, this is a sturdy and dependable TV mount that will last you ages.


7. InstallerParts Lockable TV Wall Mount

Granted, this InstallerParts Lockable TV Wall Mount isn’t as fancy as the other options on this list but it still gets the job done…well! Designed to accommodate huge outdoor TVs of 40 inches all the way to 75 inches, this lockable display wall mount can hold its own when compared to the rest of them.

It is VESA Compliant and is compatible with a wide range of mounting hole patterns ranging from 50×50 to 900×400 which gives it a descent level of versatility. It is also very easy to install as all you need is included in the box. It comes with standard hardware and a manual that will guide you through the entire process. Additionally, it is made out of solid toughened steel that is coated in durable scratch resistant finish which makes it perfect for the outdoors. This finish not only gives it an excellently simple look but also helps to protect it against the elements which means that this wall mount won’t be rusting any time soon after you bolt it to the wall plate.

What does stand out and could be considered a bit of a disadvantage is that this wall mount doesn’t have as much wiggle room as the rest when it comes to its ability to swivel and be pulled from the wall. It can, however, tilt 5 degrees upwards and 15 degrees downwards thus giving you some kind of movement. To make up for that disadvantage, this outdoor wall bracket is both affordable (the cheapest on this list) and very easy to install.


  • Simple outdoor TV wall mount that is easy to install.
  • Very affordable.
  • Can accommodate huge TVs from 40 inches all the way to 5 inches.
  • Has a tilt function of 5 degrees upwards and 15 degrees downwards.
  • It is very durable and made out of solid steel coated in scratch resistant finish.
  • It is VESA compliant and is compatible with numerous mounting hole patterns from 50X50 all the way to 900X400


Things to Consider Before Buying an Outdoor TV Mount

Before you go out to get yourself a TV mount for outdoor use, it is best to ask yourself a few pertinent questions. These question will not only help you choose the best kind of outdoor TV mount for your specific needs but they will also help guide you towards finding one that is perfectly suitable for your needs. With the right outdoor TV mount, you can start enjoying your patio and outdoor space more luxuriously without having to worry about the safety and security of your appliances. That being said, here are a few things you need to know about outdoor TV mounts if you are going to find the best one for you.

What are Outdoor TV Mounts?

These are pieces of steel put together in order to support the installation of a TV in an outdoor space such as patio, outdoor kitchen, open air restaurant, stadiums and so on. There are very much like regular TV mounts except for a few key differences:

  • They are made out of tougher material because they have to withstand the weight of the TV plus other elements such as strong winds and rain.
  • They are usually coated in some kind of finish to keep them protected from the elements. Most outdoor TV mounts are rust and weatherproof thanks to these kinds of coating.
  • They often offer more latitude when it comes to how much you can move the mounted TVs while on these mounts. The best outdoor TV mounts can swivel, tilt and even jut out of the wall by several inches to ensure that you have a wonderful viewing experience.
  • They can carry very heavy and large outdoor TVs.

In short, outdoor TV mounts are similar to the TV mounts you have in your house except for the fact that they are primed for the great outdoors.

Why Buy an Outdoor TV Mount?

Most people mostly buy an outdoor TV mount for the same reasons they would buy an indoor TV mount. One of the main reasons is that so they have a stationery location on which to place their TV. This location is often preferably away from human traffic or interference such as high up on a wall or hanging from the ceiling. This way, you don’t have to worry about people ruining your viewing experience by moving the TV around or even worse, knocking it over. Here are some other good reasons why you should buy an outdoor TV mount:

  • They are specifically designed for the outdoors: This kind of mount is primed and coated with special finishes that ensure they can withstand the elements such as rain, wind and rust.
  • They can take on a great deal of weight: The best outdoor TV mounts can hold anywhere from 110 pounds upwards. What you need to realize is that outdoor TVs are specifically designed for the outdoors and most of them tend to be bigger and heavier. Using a regular mount just won’t cut it.
  • They provide much needed style: Imagine having a massive outdoor TV hanging from your patio ceiling and tilted to the perfect spot to enhance your viewing experience? Or having a massive outdoor TV mounted on the patio wall where it can be pulled out to 22″ or more from the wall and tilted in almost any direction you please. That is exactly the kind of style that outdoor TV mounts bring to your outdoor decor.
  • They are a good way to keep your TV out of the way: TV mounts are a good way to ensure that your TV is placed in a stationary and safe spot so it doesn’t topple over or receive any kind of physical interference from the members of your household.

Most of all, however, having an outdoor TV mount installed shows everyone who visits you that you are serious about your outdoor space. It adds to your home’s curb appeal and might even help improve the value thanks to the luxurious touch it brings.

Things to Consider When Shopping for an Outdoor TV Mount

The best outdoor mounts cost hundreds of dollars. That means that they are a considerable purchase. Which means that you need to take a lot of factors into consideration before buying one. Here are some key factors that you need to consider before buying an outdoor TV mount:

  • The weight capacity: This is the first thing you need to consider. If it can’t support the weight and size of your TV, you should find one that can.
  • How much flexibility you get: The best outdoor mounts can swivel to incredible degrees, tilt to wonderful angles and even pull out of the wall for a few inches to ensure that you have a wonderful viewing experience devoid of glare.
  • Durability: Your outdoor mount should be coated and primed for durability and weathering the elements that come with being outdoors.
  • Mounting style: Do you want a wall mount or do you prefer a ceiling mount? It’s all a matter of choice.
  • Ease of use: Most mounts are very easy to install. Mounts that are complicated might require you to hire a professional installer just to make sure that you are not putting your huge outdoor TV in harm’s way.
  • Price: Of course, this is all about how much you are willing to spend on this kind of thing. Cheaper isn’t always necessarily worse though. The last option on this list is quite cheap yet very sturdy and dependable.

When you are looking to raise your curb appeal and improve your quality of life by installing an outdoor TV on your patio, you need to buy the best outdoor TV mount for that specific need. The options available here are some of the most reliable choices available today. Make your choice and enjoy.

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